• Option three (right) was the winner with 38 per cent of the vote.

Majestic mountains. Clearly they resonate with folks, at least if you judge by the results of the cover vote for our Winter 2014-2015 edition of Canadian Geographic Travel. (As regular Canadian Geographic Travel followers know, in advance of each issue’s publication we solicit your feedback to help us choose our cover image.)

While all three options boasted skiers tackling the big slopes near Golden, B.C., the winner (option three, with 38 per cent of the tally) had the clearest and most dramatic view of the surrounding craggy peaks. Indeed, most of the reader comments noted the more-impressive view of the rocky spires (though they were also noted fondness for this cover’s use of colours).

With a fairly wide margin of victory (option two received 33 per cent of the votes and option one 29 per cent), the clear preference for option three made our decision clear and easy. The readers ruled the day, as they more often than not do.

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