• Option two (from left) won with 50 per cent of the vote.

“New Orleans is known for jazz and nightlife. Option two (from left) represents the impressions of the city as I remember it,” commented one of the participants of the cover vote for our latest issue, the Winter 2013-2014 issue of Canadian Geographic Travel. (As regular Canadian Geographic Travel followers know, in advance of each issue’s publication we solicit your feedback to help us choose our cover image.)

Based on the feedback, many voters felt the same way about the image of a busker playing a horn on a corner in New Orleans’ French Quarter — so much so that it garnered a whopping 50 per cent of the tally. (Options one, three and four received just 18, 13 and 19 per cent, respectively.) Indeed, by and large our staff felt likewise: option two was a resounding favourite when our editorial team met to pick the options for this issue’s vote.

Of course, our publisher André Préfontaine strongly cautions against overruling a clearly resounding percentage of votes. And rightly so — our cover vote participants, after all, actually buy the magazine. It does make the decision a lot easier, though, when the people’s choice is in line with our staff selection. So option two it is, gladly.

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