Three surefire hits. That’s what we aim to show our audience when we ask them to help select our cover (as we do in advance of each issue’s publication). Essentially, we want to make the decision a really tough one by offering at least three amazing options. Our Winter 2015-2016 choices delivered on that goal — and the results of the cover vote seem to back that up.

While option two won by a clear margin, with 43 per cent of the tally, options one and three garnered respectable numbers, too, with 27 and 31 per cent. Indeed, our team, too, was split between one and two as the favourite — and, to be perfectly transparent, a bit surprised that option three was so popular. Of course, that’s one of the great values of this process. It helps us get an affirmation from you about what’s resonating best.

It’s beneficial, too, when it reaffirms the perspective of our resident experts (they do know what they’re talking about!). Coincidentally, this time out our art director Javier Frutos and our newsstand advisor Scott Bullock were confident that the image of the classic car on a Havana street stood above the others (yours truly missed the boat this time — I was certain the image with the hot pink parasol on the beach would hit the mark).

But, that’s the beauty of this process, and why we do it. And regardless of the winner, I’d say we all agreed that we had three great options to choose from.

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