Every once in a while, our team of experts is surprised by the results of our cover vote (held each issue to solicit our followers’ feedback to help us determine an issue’s front page). The results of the cover vote for our Spring 2017 issue of Canadian Geographic Travel is a case in point.

Our team felt very strongly that options one and two (showing the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto and the city’s The Ritz-Carlton) were by far the best options. So much so, we briefly considered offering just those two in our cover vote. That said, we typically feature three choice in our tally, so, almost on a whim, art director Javier Frutos suggested we include option three (but perhaps he had a creative intuition?).

Lo and behold, voters overwhelmingly discarded our expert opinions. Option three garnered 49 per cent of the vote (options one and two received 32 and 19 per cent). Voters who commented generally agreed that option three was the most elegant, and best suited the “luxurious” cover line. And in retrospect, the antique clock, crystal chandeliers and marble columns of the lobby of Regina’s Hotel Saskatchewan do best reflect our cover feature on the nation’s fanciest city accommodations. (I think that blue starburst-like circle helps draw the eye, too.)

In the end, such a clear margin of victory makes our final decision easy. Who are we to argue with you, the people who actually buy the magazine? The result is also a clear reminder of why we hold our cover vote: sure, we use our expertise to create a number of compelling options, but feedback from our followers is critical to our ultimate success. And we’re always grateful for you opinions — and for helping to make our magazine as great as it is. 

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