• October cover options

Issues of Canadian Geographic with a bear or a wolf on the cover sell well at newsstand. But somehow it doesn’t feel right to put one of those two predators on the front every time. And so we continue to search for other cover subjects that seem to particularly resonate with newsstand buyers. One such subject? Dramatic Canadian landscapes, particularly those featuring icebergs.

So in connection with our latest annual ultimate geography quiz — anecdotally a very popular feature — we offered up four spectacular scenic shots for the October 2016 issue’s cover vote. If the results of the poll are any indication, the northern lights trump icebergs in terms of drama. Option two, a captivating picture of the aurora borealis dancing over Mount Rundle and the Vermilion Lakes in Alberta’s Banff National Park, was a runaway winner. It nabbed 48 per cent of the tally (options one, three and four received 10, 14 and 28 per cent of the vote).

With such an overwhelming outcome, there’s absolutely no reason not to heed the advice of our cover voters. Now all that remains is for newsstand buyers to confirm a similarly significant preference. 

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