• Canadian Geographic May/June 2018 issue

    Option one, by Robin and Arlene Karpan, was the unanimous favourite of voters and staff for the cover of the May/June 2018 issue of Canadian Geographic.

“Love it.” That was Canadian Geographic CEO John Geiger’s immediate reaction when he saw option one in the cover vote for the May/June 2018 issue — a striking image of a majestic pronghorn antelope against a Prairie background. 

Publisher and COO Gilles Gagnier, creative director Javier Frutos, deputy editor Harry Wilson and I unanimously concurred that it was the best bet.

Voters agreed — option one received 43 per cent of the tally; options two and three garnered 38 and 19 per cent — generally echoing Geiger’s sentiments in their comments. Many also noted the image’s striking contrast, which makes the pronghorn really stand out, and spoke to the animal’s calm appearance and a general sense of ease in its natural habitat.

“This clearly shows the beauty of these antelopes,” noted one commenter from southern Saskatchewan, where the photo was captured by Robin and Arlene Karpan. “I love seeing these in fields, often in groups. And I do love pronghorns.”

That made the final decision easy. Now to see if newsstand buyers love it as much.

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