• cover options for Best Wildlife Photography issue

One of the great things about the annual Canadian Geographic Best Wildlife Photography special issue is the wealth of amazing images to consider for the cover. And, as our readers know, Canadian Geographic covers featuring wildlife, particularly bears and wolves or other predators, sell particularly well at the newsstand. It makes deciding on a cover image fairly simple — with one small, but important, exception: a close result in our cover vote. (As regular Canadian Geographic followers know, in advance of each issue’s publication we solicit your feedback to help us choose our cover image, or in the case of our special issues, covers, as in front and back.)

As it turns out, the poll for the Canadian Geographic Best Wildlife Photography 2017 special issue resulted in such an exception. Options two and four, of a wolf and wood duck respectively, ended up nearly tied with 37 and 40 per cent of the tally. (Options one and three received just 15 and eight per cent of the vote.) The good news? It was clear which images would grace the front and back covers. The bad news? We had to decide which photo would go where.

We turned to our expertise and experience in newsstand sales to make the final call. For publisher Gilles Gagnier it was an easy decision — the wolf, thanks to the historic newsstand sales success of Canadian Geographic issues with that predator on the cover. And is there really a loser? That’s one heck of a handsome back cover, too!

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