• Option one (left) won the majority of the vote.

An “embarrassment of riches.” That old idiom might best describe the choices for the front and back covers of the new Canada’s Parks Photography 2014 Special Collector’s Edition. What’s more, Canadian Geographic’s CEO John Geiger and publisher Gilles Gagnier, our magazine circulation expert, the design and photo team and those of us in editorial saw all sorts of other eye-popping pictures before we could even settle on the six that you see here. (Not to worry, though, you can still see the rest inside the issue.)

Worthy they all may be, but as with any of these votes, we had to let our experts and thousands of Canadians decide which were the most eye-catching snaps of Canada’s parks. (As regular Canadian Geographic followers know, in advance of each issue’s publication we solicit your feedback to help us choose our cover image, or in this case, images.)

And in the end two definite winners emerged. For the front cover, option one ran off with 46 per cent of the popular vote — a view of Banff National Park’s Crowfoot Mountain across a foreground of vibrantly pink mountain flowers, set between teal Bow Lake and an even bluer sky. It’s classic Western Canada, yet still extraordinary. The next two options received a respectable 34 and 20 per cent.

Option three (right) won the votes and will be the back cover.

For the back of the parks photography collection, voters veered away from central Canada’s Great Lakes — option one garnered just 18 per cent, while option two held on to 38 — electing this image of a solitary Inukshuk in Labrador’s Torngat Mountains National Park. Again, a quintessentially Canadian scene, and one that speaks both to our East and North.

Wisely chosen on both accounts, says circulation manager Nathalie Cuerrier and creative director Suzanne Morin. The covers celebrate true Canadian beauty, and they’re sure to stand out on the newsstand.

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