As global leaders descend on Copenhagen, Denmark for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, we have to ask ourselves, do we really know what it means?

A number of media sources are asking the same thing on the first day of the negotiations. Here are some of the best

New York Times - reporter Tom Zeller Jr. and main contributor to The Times blog Dot Earth, Andrew C. Revkin, discuss the true meaning of the talks in video form. The Times has also created a comprehensive survey of all the articles and editorials they have published leading up to the climate talks.

The Guardian - has posted an interactive definition of the talks, the politics involved and some key players. They have also assigned a reporter to live-blog the events as they happened on the first day. In a more personal look at climate change, an article profiling the impact of global warming on future generations has been published.

The Globe and Mail - Our venerable newspaper - has posted in full the Munk Debates 2009. Focusing on climate change and the morality and politics involved, the debate runs two hours, but the people at The Globe have kindly broken it down into separate videos if you're short on time.

BBC - A quick, easy Q&A covering the bare essentials. And finally, 56 newspapers have published a joint editorial calling for effective action in Copenhagen.