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    The Stanley Happy Hour System (Photo: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic)

We’re living through something of a renaissance in artisanal spirits, so why limit yourself to two-fours of brand-name beer on those trips to the cottage or campsite? And yes, craft brewing is also having a moment, but have you tried packing glass growlers or more than a handful of beer cans into the backcountry?

At the risk of saying too much, I’ve shaken up more than a few cocktails in my time and I’ve thoroughly tested the “Stanley Happy Hour System SS” at home, at the lake and on a hike or two. It may not have the chic brushed steel or copper look that would make you want to proudly display it on your bar, but it is functionally the best cocktail shaker I have ever used. Besides the fact that all elements — a pair of tumblers and a citrus reamer (juicer) — fit neatly together for easy transportation, the rubber O-rings built into the sturdy design mean that not a drop of your liquor and bitters will leak out, either mid-shake or in your backpack.

(Photo: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic)

If cocktails just aren't your thing, the set can also be used to shake up iced coffee, and in a pinch, the double-walled steel tumblers provide enough insulation for use with hot coffee or hot chocolate.

The Stanley Happy Hour System is a conversation starter, and an ideal stocking stuffer for cocktail connoisseurs and adventurous types in general — because some of us can’t live on beer alone for an entire camping weekend; because Manhattans and margaritas taste even better around campfires and on mountaintops than they do at home; and because turning an elegant utensil into a rugged tool is simply a fun concept.


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