Treat of the day: Our Canada Year Book 2011 just arrived in the mail. It's a nearly 500-page volume of charts, articles and all manner of useful facts from Statistics Canada.

It's handy for fact-checking, which we do for every article in the magazine. It's also fun to flip through for facts. Since we're feeling generous, here's a smattering of stats we thought we'd share:

  • At 473 people per square kilometre, B.C.'s Lower Mainland is is Canada's most densely populated ecoregion in the country.
  • Toronto is the city with the largest proportion (44 percent) of people whose mother tongue is a language other than English or French.
  • A dozen eggs cost 31 cents in 1935; 55 cents in 1960; $1.37 in 1985 and $2.57 in 2008.
  • Canadians are eating more fruits and veggies than ever. In 2009, every person consumed an average of 39.3 kg of fresh fruit every year, a record high. Red meat consumption, on the other hand, has declined over the past two decades.