Wednesday, April 22 marks the 45th celebration of what is now the largest environmental event in the world: Earth Day. This year, take inspiration from Canadian teachers across the country who are participating in the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, and who’ve proven that taking care of the environment can be a daily habit. Here are some examples taken from the 750+ classrooms participating in the 2015 Challenge to help you make every day Earth Day.

Find out what’s in your trash.
Many teachers who have completed the Track Your Trash challenge discovered that, although most students knew about recycling and had access to recycling bins in their school, few items were actually being recycled. What was their solution? Tracking what’s in their trash, of course! This activity physically allows students, and other Canadians, to learn what can be recycled and how.

Plant a garden.
There are numerous ways you can start a garden. This year, our teachers have created class gardens out of recycled single-serve coffee containers, plastic cups and even plastic bags. Teachers have also discovered that the educational opportunities are endless when students are involved with planting a garden, learning about ecosystems, carbon offsetting, healthy eating, local farming and photosynthesis.

Get involved with your community.
Teachers have found countless ways to encourage their students to get involved in their community this year. By encouraging them to discuss and research community issues, students have created environmental initiatives and participated in community-run organizations.

If they can do it, you can too!

Get creative – embrace your inner artist
Art has always been a great way to help people of all ages express themselves. Creating art through recycled materials, is no different. Through the Classroom Energy Diet’s “post it” challenge teachers have discovered the endless possibilities students can create with recycled materials from robots to flower bouquets to bird feeders and even piggy banks.