• Photo: James Coleridge

James Coleridge unfurls The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s flag at the summit of the Yukon’s Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak, after a perilous journey to the top this spring. Coleridge, of White Rock, B.C., and his climbing partner Len Vanderstar survived hurricaneforce winds and vicious temperatures plunging to -92°C with the wind chill. “It was dig or die,” recalls Coleridge. After reaching the top camp, the climbers dug an ice cave in the glacier and spent 4½ days trying to keep from freezing.

“We were so close to a tragedy,” says Coleridge. On June 3, the winds died down and they completed their ascent.

This was Coleridge’s fourth successful climb in his attempt to reach the highest point in every Canadian province and territory. His Summits of Canada Expedition is funded in part by the RCGS. Next spring, he intends to scale Barbeau Peak, to mark Nunavut’s 10th anniversary.