• Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

    The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge encourages students to think about sustainability, while giving classrooms the opportunity to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes. The deadline to register is January 22, 2017. (Photo: Classroom Energy Diet Challenge)

The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge is a competition among Canadian Kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms that aims to increase energy awareness. Throughout the challenge period (January 30 - April 26, 2017), classrooms work together to complete 25 energy-themed challenges designed to teach students about different energy topics and increase their overall energy awareness. Each classroom can select the number of challenges to complete and the order to complete them in based on the needs of their classroom.

To participate in the Challenge, classrooms must have successfully registered by January 22, 2017. It's super easy to sign up so do it now! Don't miss the chance to win more than 100 prizes worth a total of $40,000.

How it works

Twenty-five classroom challenges

Each time a class completes a challenge they earn points. In order for a challenge to be considered complete, the teacher must log into their account (via the app or website) and submit proof of their students’ work (photos, worksheets, pdfs etc.). The more challenges a class completes, the more points they will earn and the more opportunities they will have to win prizes.

Video challenge

One of the 25 challenges ask students to flex their creative muscles as they write, direct and produce a one minute public service announcement about the importance of youth energy awareness. After uploading their video to the contest website the class must engage with the public to get as many votes as possible during the voting period (April 3 - 26, 2017). Winning video submissions will be chosen through a combination of public voting and evaluation by a panel of judges.