• canada's coolest school trip

    The grade 7/8 class from Duke of Connaught Jr. and Sr. Public School of Toronto, Ontario were the lucky grand prize winners of the 2016 Canada's Coolest School Trip contest. They won a 5-day all-expenses-paid trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta! (Photo: Jessica Finn/Canadian Geographic)

Imagine going on a trip with your classmates, exploring parts of Canada you have never visited and learning about the rich history of the country in its sesquicentennial year. Now, imagine doing all that for free!

The Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest has launched again this year and provides grade 8/secondaire 2 classes the opportunity to do just that.

To enter, eligible classes must create a one-minute video that highlights the Parks Canada place(s) where they would want to celebrate the 150th anniversary of confederation in Canada. Perhaps they want to fête the special occasion on a glacier in Glacier National Park, or reconnect with their inner Vikings at L’Anse aux Meadows National historic site.

Once videos have been submitted (deadline is February 27, 2017) the public voting period begins. The top 12 videos are then judged by a panel, with the winners announced in April.


  1. Complete the online entry form
  2. As a class, choose a Parks Canada place where you'd like to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017
  3. Create a one-minute video about that place

Videos should focus on either/both:

Natural significance – Tell us why this place highlights Canada’s beauty and why people should explore this place. Did you select your destination because its location is important to Canadians? Does it protect an important ecosystem? Or is it home to a species at risk? Does it contain a unique geographical feature?

Cultural significance –  Tell us if you selected this place because it defines a part of the Canadian culture. Is your destination important to Canadians because of its cultural history? For example, was it the site of an invention or discovery? Or did an important historical event take place there? Does it tell the story of cultural tradition?

All videos must:

  • Be the original creation of the classroom entrant as represented by the account. All elements, including music and images, must be original or the entrant must have obtained all of the proper approvals and permissions from the copyright holders.
  • Acquire permission from students, parents/guardians and the school prior to including any video or sound clips, photos or other identifiable information.
  • Authorize the Contest Group Entities to use the contents of the entry for educational purposes. This includes rights to use, modify, broadcast, webcast, publish and distribute the entry or parts of the entry.
  • Be presented in at least one of Canada’s two official languages, English or French.
  • Be no longer than 60 seconds. Anything beyond the allotted time will not be considered as part of the finished product.

Full rules and regulations here