• Photo of participants in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge

    Participants in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge competed in the 2013 National Geographic World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Photo: Rebecca Hale/National Geographic)

In the 20 years since the first Great Canadian Geography Challenge, more than two million students from across Canada in Grades 4 through 10 have participated. But it’s time for a change. The Royal Canadian Geographical Society has decided to revamp Canadian Geographic Education’s oldest program, and it has turned to one of the biggest brands in the world to do so: Google.

The Society turned to Google because of its commitment to and support for education. With Google’s suite of education tools and powerful mapping applications, the challenge will place greater emphasis on critical inquiry skills. Students’ geographical knowledge and ability to think geographically will be challenged in new ways and they will have to navigate new question formats if they want to be crowned champion.

Though this partnership means the challenge will be undergoing some big changes — such as the welcome elimination of the entry fee — it will remain true to its roots. The goal, as always, is to foster geographic literacy and make Canada better known to Canadians and the world.

For more information on this year’s Great Canadian Geography Challenge and to register for the competition, visit challenge.canadiangeographic.ca.