WHEN JOAN AND BOB Rudy transformed their vintage wooden train car into a stationary sleeping unit, they kept the interior as authentic as possible. “We did install air conditioning and running water,” says Joan, “and you can use the toilet any time — not just when the train is out of the station.”

Joan (who calls herself the conductor) and Bob (the engineer) operate Rudys’ Bed and Breakfast Caboose beside their home in Tavistock, Ont., an hour and a half west of Toronto. Complete with a cupola that offers views of the surrounding countryside and space to sleep four comfortably, as well as a pool, the B&B has hosted rail enthusiasts from as far afield as Denmark and Dubai.

Trains run through Bob’s roots — his grandfather was a station agent in Tavistock in the 1930s. In 1975, when CN was sell ing some decommissioned cars, his mother purchased the caboose as a playhouse for her grandchildren. After the kids grew out of it, Joan and Bob started refurbishing and opened for business in 1996.

If a night in the caboose only whets your appetite, head about two hours northeast to Ossawippi Express Fine Dining Cars in Orillia, Ont. There, in eight renovated train cars, diners enjoy first-class cuisine without having to worry about their cutlery clattering off the table.

For more information on the B&B, go to www.rudyville.ca or call (888) 655-2641. Or visit on May 23 during Oxford County’s Doors Open festival. For info on the restaurant, go to www.ossawippi.com or call (800) 232-9841.