• Photo courtesy Robert Way

Robert Way (above), originally from Goose Bay, Labrador, won the James Bourque Northern Doctoral Scholarship for his field and modelling investigations of permafrost conditions and distribution in northeastern Canada.

Caitlynn Beckett received the James Maxwell Human Geography Scholarship for her work studying the mine remediation processes in the Canadian Subarctic and how local communities become involved in these processes.

Erin Hanson’s work examines how a First Nation such as Tsleil-Waututh responds to resource development in light of the groundbreaking 2014 Supreme Court Tsilhqot’in ruling that requires federal and provincial governments to consult with, and in some circumstances acquire consent from, First Nations prior to beginning development projects in their territories.

Emma Davis’s study assesses how biotic factors (such as competition, seed production and viability, and seed predation) and abiotic factors (such as microclimate and soil characteristics) influence how treeline environments respond to climate change in the Canadian Cordillera.