• Momo the border collie hides on a lifeguard stand in Deep Cove, B.C.

    Momo the border collie hides on a lifeguard stand in Deep Cove, B.C. (Photo: Andrew Knapp, @andrewknapp)

Have you seen Momo?

Canadian photographer Andrew Knapp's Instagram feed, starring Momo, his border collie, is a sort of digital Where’s Waldo? book, inviting followers to find Momo, who might be hiding behind foliage on a west coast trail or blending into a busy cityscape. 

Knapp has always had a thirst for travel. “I feel alive when my surroundings are always changing,” he says. When I got Momo, it didn’t stop, I just started travelling by car instead of by plane overseas. When he was a puppy I brought him everywhere with me even if I knew he wasn’t allowed — I couldn’t leave him behind.”

The challenge of travelling with a dog was especially appealing to Knapp because, as he puts it, “it meant taking a new road, it meant not being able to do certain things so I’d have to do other things instead. Those other things have changed my life.”

Gone are the days of kennelling your pet when you head on holiday; many hotel brands offer pet-friendly suites, making it easier than ever to bring the entire family along, fur-kids included. 

Knapp and Momo have criss-crossed North America by car, but are now considering opportunities further afield. “I like hot countries and Momo likes colder climates, so we compromise and visit hot countries during the colder months. He just took his first airplane ride and we spent a few weeks in Portugal,” Knapp says. 

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