• Photo: Colleen Gara/CanGeo Photo Club

As far as baby animals go, the cuteness factor of fox kits is hard to beat.

Every spring red fox vixens (red foxes are the most common and widespread fox species in Canada) give birth to an average of five kits, although litters can range from as little as a single pup to as many as ten furry bundles of joy. Red fox kits are born with blue eyes, but they change to amber in four to five weeks. They grow to adult size by around six to seven months.

Red fox mothers are very protective of their wee ones, but should she sadly die before the kits are large enough to take care of themselves, the father takes over as their protector.

In fact although foxes are generally solitary creatures, some of the photos below show the special playful bond that exists between young cubs and their mothers.

So without further ado, here are 15 of our favourite fox kit photos as submitted by members of the Canadian Geographic Photo Club.

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(Photo: Darla Galley/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Stephan Olivier/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Ian Murray/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Barb Conlon/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Colleen Gara/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Wesley Liikane/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Cathy Simard/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Jacquie George/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Mallory Green/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Brittany Crossman/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: David Hemmings/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Kent Nonomura/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Sarah Furchner/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Mark Hopper/CanGeo Photo Club)

(Photo: Kayla Weber/CanGeo Photo Club)