Japan, Peru, Mexico, Greenland, Italy: Our readership may be primarily Canadian, but Canadian Geographic Travel readers love to explore and our Instagram community is no different. 

At @CanGeo, we regularly showcase Canada through the eyes of our writers, photographers, editors and Instagram contributors. Since launching our @CanGeoTravel account on Instagram we have seen thousands of images submitted using our #CanGeoTravel hashtag — more than 6,000 at last count — and now we will be featuring them on our website, too.

Here are 10 of our favourite snaps from the past week, showcasing great destinations to add to your must-see list. Some were taken by our editorial team, others by Instagrammers and bloggers. To have your photos featured, be sure to start tagging your travel photos with #CanGeoTravel.

Scroll down to have a look:

Rodebay, Greenland


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Morro Bay, California

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Tokyo, Japan


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Huacachina, Peru

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Sedona, Arizona

Cinque Terre, Italy


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Sayulita, Mexico


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Santa Cruz, California


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Boston, Massachusetts


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Flagstaff, Arizona

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