• Hands all meeting in centre from all around the world. Skin painted green and blue, pieces of earth.

    The world is in my hands by Pan Sin Yi, age 15. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (2015). Third place winner for ages 12 and older. (Image: International Cartographic Association)

The world seen through a child’s eyes can be beautiful and unexpected. So, it stands to reason that the maps they create would be just as fascinating.

The International Cartographic Association has been holding a bi-annual children’s map drawing contest for the past 24 years. The kids submit themed maps which are then displayed and judged at the International Cartographic Association conference held that year.

The contest has four age group entries: under six, between six and eight, between nine and 12, and over 12 years old. The winners of this year’s contest – themed "We love maps" – will be displayed and announced during the ICA’s 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington, D.C. in early July.

Below are 10 of our favorite submissions from over the years. The images come from the Carleton University Library, which has kept an archive of previous children’s maps going back to 1993.

My place in today's world by Anjenel van der Walt, age 14. Pretoria, South Africa (2015). (Image: International Cartographic Association)

Building bridges of peace across the world by Ada Maria Ciontu, age 11. Bucharest, Romania (2015).
Third place winner for ages 9-12. (Image: International Cartographic Association)

Piece of the world by Abbi Vizer, age 13. Ontario, Canada (2015). (Image: International Cartographic Association).

World of Lotus, world of harmony by Liao Zhiyuan, age 15. Xiangtan City, China (2015). 
First place winner for those above 12 years of age. (Image: International Cartographic Association)

I live here by Adam Paketur, age 5. Nemencine, Lithuania (2015).
First place winner for those under 6 years of age. (Image: International Cartographic Association)

Let's take care of it, it may get dry by Marcos Estanislao Lo Frano, age 11. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015). (Image: International Cartographic Association)

The Apple Of the World by Justina Stankutė, age 13. Lithuania (2011). (Image: International Cartographic Association)

The Earth Began to Cry in a Profound Grief by Elena Skochkova, age 14. Russian Federation (2007). (Image: International Cartographic Association)

Wild animals-Inhabitants of land and seas (Les animaux sauvages, habitants de la terre et de la mer) by Kamila Sojka, age 12.  Otwocka, Poland (1999). (Image: International Cartographic Association)

Pomul Vietu by Paul Bratu, age 15. Romania (1993).