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The owl: nature's stealth fighter

The F-117A Stealth fighter is the world's 1st combat aircraft designed to exploit stealth technology. During 2 Gulf wars, its unusual faceted shape played havoc with enemy radar and created an icon. The Saudis nicknamed the craft "shaba", Arabic for "ghost". So too has the owl been called a "ghost" or, "the ghost bird".

To their prey, the owl's huge, night-piercing eyes are a fearsome weapon. A unique first strike capability that allows them to swoop in for the kill on swift, silent wings in the dark of night. For most, there is no defense against the stealthiest of raptors.

North America is home to 1/3 of the planet's wild owls, the highest concentrations on Earth. In Nature's Stealth Fighter, armed with the latest in camera technology and ably assisted by leading scientific experts, we'll observe a diverse number of owl species as they hunt the night skies. Owl anatomy is a marvel of ruthless efficiency and with the support of 3D CGI (the same Lockheed uses to design Stealth aircraft), we'll also dissect it in vivid hi-tech form. In all, we'll discover, in intimate, innovative detail, how superbly equipped nature's avian ninjas really are.

Icons of both wisdom and witchcraft, the owl's amazing stare has aroused more universal fascination than any other bird. Now, in Nature's Stealth Fighter, we'll see owls as they've never been seen before - nature at its finest... and deadliest.

NOTE: For informational purposes only. Episodes are not available on line.

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