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All hail the Snowking

YELLOWKNIFE in March is marked by returning daylight, clinging cold and in 2008, the 13th annual Snowking's Winter Festival.

Frozen amid Great Slave Lake's rainbow cluster of houseboats, a snow-and-ice castle built by Yellowknife resident, and Snowking, Anthony Foliot (right) is the hub of the month-long party, which is delightful for children yet edgy enough for adults. Each weekend throughout the month offers various kid-friendly daytime events, such as puppet shows and hockey games, and evening festivities, such as an in-the-castle film festival featuring quirky local shorts, dance parties with live music, general carousing and — picture it — limbo in giant parkas.

Snowking's castle features a Dead Man's Slide, a slick skating rink and a Snow Chapel for weddings and general quiet contemplation. Visit for more details.

— Jasmine Budak



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