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May 2009

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Digging up Louisbourg
Scouring the dirt for long-lost trinkets may not sound like a relaxing holiday, but you’ll really dig the public archaeology program at the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island
By Douglas Hunter with photography by Dan Doucette

Sweet equity
Believe it or not, there’s something even more heart-warming than Anne of Green Gables in P.E.I.
By Patricia Pearson with photography by John Sylvester

The manure tour
If you still think milk comes from the grocery store, spend a few days working under the backside of a herd of Holsteins on a Manitoba farm
By Dawn Calleja with photography by Dawn Goss

Romancing the stove
Heaven help the Peruvian families boiling corn and potatoes on brick-walled cooktops built by urbanites on vacation
By Patricia D’Souza

Can I help?
By Eric Harris

Home beach advantage, Galileo, king of night vision, On the trail of the temples, Curdsmiths, Walking on water, Peak experiences, True Norse strong and free, So this is where bling came from?
When in Kingston, go directly to jail, visit an ecological sweet spot, or dust off your regalia for a high-ranking night out
By Alan Morantz

A prolific cookbook author, regional foods champion and culinary activist digs into Canada’s bumper crop of farmers’ markets
By Anita Stewart


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