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Emily Choy studies murres, small, deep-diving seabirds that nest by the tens of thousands on the high, barren cliffs of Coats Island in the Canadian Arctic. The murres are vulnerable to increasing summer heatwaves and are changing their diet as their preferred food, Arctic cod, shifts north in search of colder waters.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s newest Explorer-in-Residence shares insights from her summers studying murres in the High Arctic — a region she calls an “early warning system” for climate change
Canada’s former Poet Laureate gives us a tour of the cultural geography of Black Nova Scotia

Photo courtesy Harvey Locke

Photo courtesy Harvey Locke
The UN Climate Change Conference taking place now in Glasgow might be the planet’s last best chance to prevent a climate and biodiversity catastrophe, according to one of the world’s foremost conservationists
A man holds binoculars while looking out over a brown field

Patrick Nadeau is the new president of Birds Canada. (Photo: Martin Lipman)

Photo: Martin Lipman
The new president of Birds Canada gives us an inside look at Canada’s largest citizen science movement
David McGuffin and Adam Shoalts

Explore host David McGuffin, left, interviews Adam Shoalts about the inspiration for his latest book, The Whisper on the Night Wind.

Gather ’round and listen as explorer and bestselling author Adam Shoalts spins a spine-tingling tale of tracking a legendary creature in Labrador’s Mealy Mountains

Left: Former Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner Marie Wilson. Right: Messages written by schoolchildren as part of Orange Shirt Day, which has now been recognized as a federal statutory holiday, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. (Photos: CBC; Lisa Charleyboy)

Photos: CBC; Lisa Charleyboy
For the former Commissioner of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Sept. 30 is akin to Remembrance Day
David McGuffin host of Explore and astronaut Chris Hadfield
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is our guest as we kick off Season 3 of Explore

David McGuffin interviews author Wade Davis.

In this interview, author Wade Davis discusses the five years of travels he took along the Magdelena River
Items donated to HBC Collection by Julian Camsell

Three items donated to the HBC Collection at the Manitoba Museum by Julian Camsell, HBC Chief Factor for the MacKenzie District. Left to right: An ulu, antler-handle scissors from the western Arctic, and a muskox blubber pounder. (Photos courtesy the Manitoba Museum)

Photos courtesy the Manitoba Museum
As a way of illustrating the importance of company fur traders to the 100-year-old HBC collection, curator Amelia Fay pulls out three items donated by Julian Camsell, HBC Chief Factor for the MacKenzie District in Canada’s Arctic 
Moccasins on a Hudson Bay Company point blanket

Moccasins from the Manitoba Museum’s Hudson’s Bay Company archive laid out on one of the company’s iconic wool point blankets. (Photo courtesy Manitoba Museum)

Photo courtesy Manitoba Museum
Continuing our deep dive into the Hudson’s Bay Company archives at the Manitoba Museum, this week we look at some of the items that figured prominently in trade, including the iconic point blanket
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