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Illustration by Guy Parsons

Illustration: Guy Parsons/Canadian Geographic

Illustration: Guy Parsons/Canadian Geographic
Canada leads the developed world in per capita production of garbage. What's behind our nation's wasteful ways? 
the inner life of animals peter wohlleben book cover

In his new book, Peter Wohlleben combines colourful storytelling with scientific rigour to show that animals domestic and wild are capable of empathy, compassion and even grief. (Images courtesy Greystone Books)

Courtesy Greystone Books
In his new book The Inner Life of Animals, Peter Wohlleben offers a compassionate glimpse into the surprisingly complex emotional lives of creatures both wild and domestic 
boreal caribou female with calf

A boreal caribou cow nurses her calf in northeastern B.C. Boreal caribou populations are on the decline across Canada due to habitat loss. (Photo: Ryan Dickie/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Ryan Dickie/Can Geo Photo Club
Provinces are falling behind on their obligation to protect the caribou's forest habitat, report says
composite of autumn photos canada

Here are 10 of the best photos uploaded to Canadian Geographic's Photo Club in October. Scroll down to see the full versions. 

From misty mornings to bright fall foliage, these photos highlight the beauty of the season
Mad Hatterpillar

One species of caterpillar, the gum leaf skeletonizer (Uraba lugens), dons a “hat” of heads, a conical ornament made up of its own discarded head capsules, one stacked on top of the next, earning it the nickname "Mad Hatterpillar." (Photo: Natalie Tapson/Flickr)

Photo: Natalie Tapson/Flickr
Often gory and gross, insects use disguises to improve ther odds of survival
Polar blog, ice road, truckers, North, Arctic, mining, N.W.T, Nunavut

NRCan researcher Joost van der Sanden measures the dielectric properties of the ice, used in estimating ice thickness with radar, along the Tibbitt-Contwoyto winter road at Gordon Lake, N.W.T. (Photo: Natural Resources Canada)

Photo: Natural Resources Canada
Researchers are tracking ice density, cracks and the impacts of truck traffic from space
Polar blog, ice road, truckers, North, Arctic, mining, N.W.T, Nunavut

Joost van der Sanden, chercheur de RNCan, mesure les propriétés diélectriques de la glace, utilisées pour estimer l’épaisseur de la glace par radar, le long de la route d’hiver Tibbitt-Contwoyto au lac Gordon (T.N.-O.). (Photo : Ressources naturelles Canada)

Photo : Ressources naturelles Canada
Des chercheurs surveillent la densité de la glace, les fissures et l’impact de la circulation des camions depuis l’espace
sea turtle, conservation, mexico, research, science, wildlife

Conservationists care for a black sea turtle during a research and monitoring survey in Baja California Sur, Mexico. (Photo: Neil Ever Osborne)

Photo: Neil Ever Osborne
Don't miss this photography workshop with Photographer-in-Residence Neil Ever Osborne on November 23 in Toronto 
Richmond B.C. fishing fleet at sunset

A fishing fleet at sunset in Richmond, B.C. A new report by Oceana Canada says the Canadian government must take swift action to rebuild depleted fish stocks or face serious economic and environmental consequences. (Photo: Robert Plowman/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Robert Plowman/Can Geo Photo Club
Advocacy group says action plans are urgently needed for the recovery of 26 dangerously depleted fish populations
Cover of New Views by Alastair Bonnett

In New Views: The World Mapped Like Never Before (inset), social geographer Alastair Bonnett delivers on the title's promise: new ways of seeing our world, like this map of undersea cables. (Images courtesy Aurum Press)

Images courtesy Aurum Press
In his new book, social geographer Alastair Bonnett promises 50 maps unlike any you've ever seen. Here's a look at six of our favourites.
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