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A snowplow pushes snow down the street.

Montreal spends more than any other in the world on picking up snow and putting down salt on its 10,000 kilometres of roads: in 2019–2020, its snow removal budget hit $166.4 million.

How Montreal wages a $166-million battle against snow every single year to keep its streets and sidewalks clear
Mountain goats walk on the side of a snowy highway

Photo: Catherine Page/@catherineeva

Photo: Catherine Page/@catherineeva
Handpicked shots of Canada's beauty from our Can Geo photo community on Instagram

Thanks to $3.16 billion in funding, this planting effort will help Canada address climate change by reducing carbon pollution. (Photo: Bailey Parsons/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Bailey Parsons/Can Geo Photo Club
The $3.16 billion effort was announced mid-December
Canadian Geographic Best Maps 2020
Cartographic highlights from Canadian Geographic’s 2020 issues

The seven youth suing the Ontario government celebrate. (Photo: David LeBlanc)

Photo: David LeBlanc
Seven Ontario youth are suing the Ontario government for infringing on their rights to a safe environment
Fall trees reflect on a blue lake

Photo: Evgeny Chertov/Can Geo Photo Club

Photo: Evgeny Chertov/Can Geo Photo Club
Showcasing this year's most-loved photos from Can Geo's Photo Club

Photo: Handel Architects

Photo: Handel Architects
The Passive House style is a “pragmatic combination” of applied building science and economics
Canadian Audible Original takes listeners on a cross-country journey through sound
A wolf stands on a rock

A lonesome howl at dusk. (Photo: Cheryl Alexander)

Photo: Cheryl Alexander
An enchanting and evocative look at the unique relationship between a solitary, island-dwelling wolf and a renowned wildlife photographer

The water was originally collected in 2009 by University of Toronto geochemist Dr Barbara Sherwood Loller and her team. (Photo: Sarah Brown/Can Geo)

Photo: Sarah Brown/Can Geo
Billion-year-old water sample reveals much about the past — and the present 
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