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Wintry scenes from Can Geo's Instagram community

Wintry scenes from Can Geo's Instagram community.

This week, we embrace the coming season and showcase Canada as a winter wonderland

In his new book, 'Original Highways: Travelling the Great Rivers of Canada,' Roy MacGregor examines the role that 16 of the nation's most historic rivers continue to play in shaping Canada. (Photo: Mark Reeder)

In his new book, Original Highways: Travelling the Great Rivers of Canada, Roy MacGregor examines the historical legacy and future of Canada's greatest rivers
baby boars

Sure, these young boars look cute, but in Saskatchewan, wild boars, which are non-native to the province, are becoming a huge problem for farmers and conservationists. (Photo: Natally Klaric/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Natally Klaric/Can Geo Photo Club
A porcine invader poses a serious risk to the province's agriculture industry and native vegetation
Jumbo Valley in the East Kootenays, site of a lengthy battle over a proposed ski resort

Jumbo Valley in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia is the site of a lengthy, ongoing battle over a proposed ski resort. (Photo: Catherine Page/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Catherine Page/Can Geo Photo Club
With its ruling in Ktunaxa Nation v. British Columbia, the Supreme Court of Canada has shown that Indigenous groups cannot use the Charter's freedom of religion clause to protect lands they consider sacred
auroras northern lights collage

Photos of the northern lights from Can Geo's Instagram community.

A roundup of the best photos of the northern lights submitted to our hashtag this week
The winners of the 2017 Nature Inspiration Awards

The winners and jury members of the 2017 Nature Inspiration Awards. (Photo courtesy Museum of Nature)

Photo courtesy Museum of Nature
Seven outstanding individuals recognized for their contributions to nature and the environment 
Illustration by Guy Parsons

Illustration: Guy Parsons/Canadian Geographic

Illustration: Guy Parsons/Canadian Geographic
Canada leads the developed world in per capita production of garbage. What's behind our nation's wasteful ways? 
the inner life of animals peter wohlleben book cover

In his new book, Peter Wohlleben combines colourful storytelling with scientific rigour to show that animals domestic and wild are capable of empathy, compassion and even grief. (Images courtesy Greystone Books)

Courtesy Greystone Books
In his new book The Inner Life of Animals, Peter Wohlleben offers a compassionate glimpse into the surprisingly complex emotional lives of creatures both wild and domestic 
boreal caribou female with calf

A boreal caribou cow nurses her calf in northeastern B.C. Boreal caribou populations are on the decline across Canada due to habitat loss. (Photo: Ryan Dickie/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Ryan Dickie/Can Geo Photo Club
Provinces are falling behind on their obligation to protect the caribou's forest habitat, report says
composite of autumn photos canada

Here are 10 of the best photos uploaded to Canadian Geographic's Photo Club in October. Scroll down to see the full versions. 

From misty mornings to bright fall foliage, these photos highlight the beauty of the season
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