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This photo by Maxwel Hohn, titled “Painted Pillars of Campbell River,” was selected as the winner of the Urban Wildlife category in Canadian Geographic’s 2019 Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year Competition.

The best of the best images of Canadian wildlife from the annual competition hosted by Canadian Geographic in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian scientists are developing treatments and researching vaccines for COVID-19.

Vaccines, treatments and virus mapping are all underway
How has your life changed because of COVID-19?
Photos that bring us peace from our Can Geo Photo Club members

The City of Iqaluit has asked anyone with plans to visit the north to delay their travel in a bid to prevent COVID-19 from spreading to the city and other communities across Nunavut. (Photo: Fiona Paton/Flickr)

Photo: Fiona Paton/Flickr
Indigenous and Inuit communities are expressing concern as the threat of COVID-19 comes nearer to their communities

Education and entertainment don't have to stop because schools and community centres are closed. (Photo: Getty Images)

Photo: Getty Images
Education and entertainment don't have to stop just because everything is closed

The orange in the above map shows what would end up under water should the Erie Shore Drive dike fail. (Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

Municipality of Chatham-Kent
There is up to a 40 per cent chance a shoreline road on Lake Erie, which acts as a dike, will fail
ocean novel laura trethewey

The Imperilled Ocean, a new novel from ocean journalist Laura Trethewey, published by Goose Lane Editions.

Goose Lane Editions
High-stakes stories that explore Earth’s last wild frontier

Michelle Good’s new novel ‘Five Little Indians’ explores what happens when survivors leave residential schools. (Cover image: HarperCollins Canada)

Cover image: HarperCollins
New novel looks at the ‘after’ of residential schools
Grizzly triplets follow their mother in search of salmon

Grizzly triplets follow their mother as she hunts for salmon on the Chilko River in B.C. (Photo: Jenny Stevens/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Jenny Stevens/Can Geo Photo Club
These 10 members of Canadian Geographic’s online Photo Club are making waves with their unique perspectives on Canadian wildlife and landscapes
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