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A photo of elegant sunburst lichen (Xanthoria elegans), an example of a specimen in the collection that citizen scientists may encounter on Expedition Arctic Botany. This lichen is an iconic Arctic plant species, but can also be found across Canada. (Photo courtesy Jennifer Doubt)

Photo courtesy Jennifer Doubt
Expedition Arctic Botany will allow curious members of the public to explore the plants of the Arctic region without leaving home, while contributing to our understanding of Arctic ecosystems

Great Big Sea lead singer Alan Doyle received this letter, despite it not being properly addressed. (Photo: Alan Doyle/Twitter)

Photo: Alan Doyle/Twitter
Canada Post says they can often make delivery magic happen, even when address information is incomplete
Shene Catholique Valpy and her daughter Sahᾴí̜ʔᾳ.

Shene Catholique Valpy and her daughter Sahᾴí̜ʔᾳ self-isolating at home in Yellowknife.

Photo: Pat Kane
Yellowknife-based photographer Pat Kane’s latest portrait project reveals how northern families are coping with self-isolation and physical distancing in the time of COVID-19

About 60,000 migrant workers come to Canada each year to plant and harvest crops. (Photo: Asparagus Farmers of Ontario)

Photo: Asparagus Farmers of Ontario
Only about 50 per cent of asparagus crops will be harvested this year due to delays in migrant workers arriving 
Medicine Lake Jasper National Park

A moment of quiet reflection at Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. What place(s) represent “home” to you? (Photo: Carlos Marrero Reiley/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Carlos Marrero Reiley/Can Geo Photo Club
Enter the Re:Location photo competition for your chance to win one of three cash prizes 

Cross country skiing at the Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk, Greenland in 2016. (Photo: Lars Weiss/Arctic Winter Games International Committee)

Photo: Lars Weiss/Arctic Winter Games International Committee
Games were started in 1970 to give northern athletes more opportunities for training and competition

Ski de fond aux Jeux d'hiver de l'Arctique à Nuuk en 2016. (Photo : Comité international des Jeux d'hiver de l'Arctique)

Photo : Comité international des Jeux d'hiver de l'Arctique
L’année 1970 marquait la naissance des Jeux, créés pour donner aux athlètes nordiques plus d’occasions de s’entraîner et de participer à des compétitions

Forest fires have left colourful scars on the hills near Dease Lake, B.C. (Photo: Richard Eckert/Can Geo Photo Club)

Photo: Richard Eckert/Can Geo Photo Club
While planning for seasonal disasters at the same time as a pandemic is tricky, lessons can be applied from one to the other 
number of reported Canadian cases of COVID-19 by regional health authority

The number of reported Canadian cases of COVID-19 by regional health authority focusing on the parts of each authority where people actually live. (Map: Chris Brackley/Can Geo)

Map: Chris Brackley/Can Geo
Canadian Geographic’s cartographer explores how media, scientists and citizens are charting the coronavirus pandemic

This photo by Maxwel Hohn, titled “Painted Pillars of Campbell River,” was selected as the winner of the Urban Wildlife category in Canadian Geographic’s 2019 Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year Competition.

The best of the best images of Canadian wildlife from the annual competition hosted by Canadian Geographic in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature
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