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The Mackenzie Delta
Thirty years after the initial project was proposed, the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline public hearings and panels are moving ahead for a final decision by 2008.

Former Iqaluit resident Lisa Gregoire returns to the north to investigate the Mackenzie Delta and discover how the pipeline project affects those living in surrounding communities.


Mackenzie Valley Pipeline
By Sheri Gagnon

Mackenzie river  
The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline was first proposed in the 1970s to direct natural gas from the Beaufort Sea to markets both in Canada and the United States. Justice Thomas Berger was appointed to head an inquiry to explore the effect the pipeline would have on the physical landscape and the area's residents. When Berger delivered his report, Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland, in 1977 he recommended a 10 year moratorium on the project. Within that time, he suggested further studies be conducted to examine the potential impact of the pipeline, as well as ensuring the settlement of local native land claims. Thirty years later the project has regained momentum and is currently awaiting the results of ongoing public hearings and joint review panel decisions.

How do residents of the Mackenzie Delta feel about the construction of the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline?

"People are in overall favour of the pipeline because they see the benefits of diversifying the economy."

— Peter Clarkson
Director of the Inuvik region for the Northwest Territories government.

"It scares me. If you understand it all and are prepared for it, OK. But we're not prepared for it, and there will be so much social impact. Who will be there to take care of that?"

— Mary Teya
Anglican Deacon and Interpreter/Translator.


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One of Inuvik's tourist attractions is the Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church. Built over two years, it was opened in 1960 and is shaped like an igloo.
Mackenzie Gas Project

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