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The Ottawa Valley The geography of British Columbia’s balmy Gulf Islands are as diverse as its population.

photo: © / Michael O’Brien


Protecting our natives
Isolated pockets of Garry oak ecosystem remain one of the West Coast’s most valued yet most threatened treasures.
By Kathryn Carlson
Sidebar: Canada’s hot spots

Salt of the earth
Get a taste of the creativity that blossoms in Saltspring’s grassroots Saturday market.
By Roger Brunt
Sidebar: Market change

Meaning behind the masks
Master carver Herb Rice explains what mask making means to him and his culture.
By Kate Wallace
Sidebar: Give and take

Place of refuge
From Athabascans to ex-slaves, hippies to cultural misfits, follow a timeline of the islands’ history of sanctuary.
By Jenn Hardy
Sidebar: A new refuge: Gulf Islands National Park Reserve



The knowledge toolbox
How to negotiate the B.C. Ferries
By Christopher Mason
Sidebar: Dumping bilge in B.C. waters

Cartographer’s table
Gulf Islands


Just the facts
The who, what, where, when and why of the Gulf Islands

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