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October 2012 issue

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Even though your comment was written ages ago you don't really know a lot about how long lining is done in BC. BC has many places where Rock fish are protected and can't even be fished. In the areas their not protected each fisherman needs quota to cover any by-catch that he gets. If your not covered your shutdown. So in this case the skipper had quota to cover everything. 3000 hooks isn't even a lot. I've set out 5000 or more. Some boats do more. In the states some long-liners set out 50,000. Anyway their is so much cod around in certain areas that if your not careful you can get screwed day-1 out fishing if you get into a big patch. That means a big fine. In my 18 years of Halibut fishing I've never once thought that Dog fish were in danger of being depleted. Hardly any market for them anyway. Can't really understand what you were so worried about??

Submitted by Brandon on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This fishery was certified under the most meagre of criteria. In a world where everyone is moving towards protecting sharks, Canada takes a huge step backwards in shark depletion. The Marine Stewardship Council has lost all credibility in my opinion by endorsing this fishery. I used to see schools of dogfish in Georgia Strait. Now I don't see any.
I'm ashamed to be a Canadian...3,000 hooks at a time. What about all the bycatch of endangered rockfish? Disgusting!

Submitted by UWVIDEO1 on Sunday, November 18, 2012

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