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October 2011 issue

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I want to thank both Clifton Joseph & David Trattles for the the time they spent with myself and the members of The Firgrove Community Garden, to create this article. They are both amazing! This public acknowledgement has brought on a sense of pride for the garden members and the inspiration to do even more in the community. Thank you again.

Submitted by Judy Wallace on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Excellent article on reporting what people are doing to take back their own power growing their own food.
Wholesome organic food is the foundation for physical health, emotional and mental balance, as well as the experience of getting in touch with the Mother Earth and how it truly sustains us.

We live in times where agricultural super powers want to control seeds, crops and production of everything that we put into our body. A child that eats whole food succeeds in school and in life.

Congratulations to the groups that got the initiatives off the ground and it shows that they are thriving. People are connecting with their True Self when they connect with the Earth for a healthier existence and greater personal awareness. This is especially needed in the urban environment, people are feeling the need for a more authentic connection as evidenced by grass replaced with food production on peoples front lawns in the city.
Great article. Good job Clifton!

Submitted by Maria Georgas on Friday, October 7, 2011

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