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Cities: source of pride, broken dreams.
Being called a city gave municipalities the impression of stability and permanence.
By Alan Rayburn
Apr/May 1991

North York’s instant downtown
Can the heart and soul of a city centre be transplanted into suburbia?
By Peter Gorrie
Apr/May 1991

Driving ourselves sane
How city planners are coaxing commuters from their cars.
By Jim Boothroyd
May/June 1998

An iconoclastic view of cities
"The City After the Automobile: An Architect’s Vision" by Moshe Safdie with Wendy Kohn.
By Charles Mandel
Mar/Apr 1998


The affordable architect
Avi Friedman has designed houses that are energy-efficient, attractive and cost less than $100,000. So why aren’t more of them being built?
By Marci McDonald and Benoit Aquin
Jan/Feb 2003

Going green in the burbs
When a group of committed families set out to create an environmentally respectful housing development, they expected opposition. But not from the neighbours.
By Bruce McDougall and Bob Herger
Jan/Feb 2003

Cultivating community
Montrealers of all faiths and languages come together to tend the city’s urban gardens.
By Margo Pfeiff
Jan/Feb 2001

One woman’s crusade for better buildings
Phyllis Lambert’s Canadian Centre for Architecture rejuvenated a Montreal neighbourhood.
By Ken Sobol and Julie Macfie Sobol
Aug/Sept 1990

Home green home
A neighbourhood that puts the environment first.
By Mark Reynolds
Sept/Oct 2001

Green city
How 30 years of grassroots determination is erasing Sudbury’s industrial gloom.
By David Lees and Mike Grandmaison
May/June 2000

Creative solution for a greenhouse gas
Recycling carbon dioxide, a major by-product of the petroleum business, to produce more oil.
Aug/Sept 1991

Best and worst
Five photographers share the beauty and blight in their cities. Other authors: Mark Tomalty, Todd Korol, and Peter Bennett.
By David Trattles and Wilson Dale
May/June 1998

Toronto: The world in one city
A global village that attracts more than 70,000 new immigrants and refugees per year.
By Steven Fick and Mary Vincent
Jan/Feb 2001

Bright lights, big Earth
City lights trace the global spread of urbanization.
Jan/Feb 1997

Windsor students grow a forest
Windsor public school students undertake an urban reforestation project, with help from Global ReLeaf.
Mar/Apr 1993

Hop on the bus
Public transit - wherever life takes you
By Elizabeth Shilts
Mar/Apr 2002

Solving gridlock
The technology that keeps traffic flowing on Canada’s busiest highway.
By Stevenson Baker
May/June 1998

The art of being neighbourly
Friendships across the backyard fence begin with an act of imagination.
By Yuri Dojc and Marni Jackson
Annual 1998

From settlement to suburbia
Canadians at work, home and play in 1900, 1950 and 2001.
By Mary Vincent
Jan/Feb 2001

Urban village
Three families discover the joys of small-town living in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
By Shawn Blore and Bob Herger
Nov/Dec 2001


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