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June 2011 issue

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To the publisher. We are NOT anti-gravel pit ect. , all in our group use these resources . But there are rules in place to protect our other resource Drinking Water, and we beleave that they have not been followed. As you can see more people in the area are becoming very concerned about this Problem with the gravel pit and the effects it already has had on some local wells, and the pit is at a small scale. The Pit operators have applied for amendments to make this a Maga Pit. What will be the impact of that?? This has the potential to be as big of a problem on the drinking water as Site 41 , or Walkerton . The MNRF and the MOECC are now involved but seem to be reluctant to dig deep into this matter . We keep getting answers like , "it has already been approved MOECC / MNRF,we can just take the gravel if we want " The problem is that there has been there has been a lot of things passed without proper assessments done . No one want to be the one to say there was not due diligent's done here.There is a major discrepancy between the Experts that do not work for the Gravel Pit operators and the one that do. We need publicity to make more people aware and make sure this matter is not swept under the rug. Our group is of the opinion that there has been many errors , irregularities and omissions in the data and assessments given by the Gravel Pit operators to get the zoning changed and the Aggregate Lic.s on the properties . But please do not take my word for it come out meet with us and then do you own investigation . This way you can publish your unbiased finding. We just want the truth to get out.

Submitted by David on Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why don't they make "The purest water in the world" into a tourist attraction and sell the water? Then there would be profit involved for those who want to make money from the land, which seems to be why they want to dig a gravel pit. Considering the state of the world's water, this attraction will only increase in value in future.

Submitted by K on Monday, June 1, 2015

I first starting coming to this area 45 years ago and have stopped at the spring outside Elmvale for that delicious water many times. It would be shameful if the powers that be allow the gravel pit to exist there. Let's make a difference and NOT let it happen.

Submitted by Jean on Friday, May 29, 2015

Permission to start this gravel pit was granted just a year after our 25-year battle over the dump at neighbouring Site 41 was won. If there shouldn't be a dump there to destroy the pristine aquifer beneath, there shouldn't be a gravel pit either. Some of the local residents have so much silt in their wells and water lines since 2010 they have had to replace appliances and pluming.

So many places in the world, including parts of the USA, have no clean drinking water, it behooves us to be good stewards of our resources, both for now and for future generations.

Submitted by Wendy on Friday, May 29, 2015

I encourage everyone to taste the Elmvale water. I have tasted water throughout North America. The Elmvale water is as pure and thirst quenching as the Jasper Alberta water that flows from the Columbia Ice field glaciers. We cannot allow profiteers to compromise an irreplaceable resource simply to monetize and pillage the rocks beneath our feet. Seriously, there must be somewhere else to dig a big gravel pit !

Submitted by cassie-jean on Friday, May 29, 2015

I am 72 yrs old- came to Tiny Township some 26 yrs ago to spend my twilight years .
Never dreamed I would be fighting for water in Tiny Township twice in 6 yrs- site 41 in 2009 and now the extension of the Pit on Darby rd .
What will be the legacy we will leave for the young ones in 50 yrs ?
How will Tiny Township go down in history ?

- The Tiniest Town that has the Biggest number of Pits .

The New Mantra for Tiny-


Please, PLEASE don't let this happen.
.Canadian Geog we NEED YOUR HELP.
We are a small rural Ontario community - we NEED BIG NAMES to help us

Submitted by Mary on Friday, May 29, 2015

Momentum is building to stop the expansion of the Waverley pit in the recharge area of this aquifer. Unfortunately the current pit owners are breaking the rules already. More attention is needed. To those that want a taste of the water just go north of Elmvale on Hwy 93 about 1 km and there it is on your right or east.

Submitted by Peter on Friday, May 29, 2015

It is amazing that the approvals for the proposed aggregate pit occurred in January 2010. This was at the same time that the council of Tiny Township was fighting hard against the garbage dump just down the road. Hypocrisy? So now the water is potentially compromised, definitely many acres of carbon absorbing forest will be clear cut and how many trucks will be clogging up Hwy 27 and 93? Now there is a second application to expand the pit, inform yourselves and lets stop this.

Submitted by Peter on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mr. Shotyk points out in the article that chemically reactive soils in the Simcoe Uplands act like a sponge. What happens to the water when sponge is all removed and let with a hole in the ground ??? Further investigation has found Pit lic.s to the tune of 3.5 million tonne per year and getting close to 1000 acres in open surface area. This is in small area between Orr Lake and Stamp side road . We need the help of Experts in this field as the Power That Be do not take residents seriously. If you are an Expert in this field WE NEED YOUR HELP !!!!

Submitted by David on Sunday, March 1, 2015

We are only a few trying to stop the mega pit from happening. We need the support of not only locals directly in the line of fire but of the surrounding towns and villages and residents who will be impacted by the pit. This is the water supply that not only a handful of people rely on but many thousands rely on. People stop by the roadside daily to fill water containers for their homes and cottages. Snowmobilers stop for a refreshing drink in the winter and in the summer cars are lined up to get their supply for the weekend. What happens to the water when the pits start to pull water and more so when they remove the natural filters that exist now. We can't do this alone. And what of the Elmvale Water Festival...will it only be a festival of the past?

Submitted by Dawne on Friday, February 27, 2015

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