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June 2011 issue

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I would like to invite readers to see our pictures of the Upper West Don River at -

Our community is engaged in a difficult fight to protect the portion of the Upper West Don and the greenspace that lies to its west abutting our community, Concord West. The details of our fight are on the main page and sidebars of our website. All commentary, interest and assistance is welcome!

Submitted by Alexandra Correa on Thursday, May 10, 2012

About the blog
Ray Ford's article "Death and rebirth on the Don River" with photography by Lorne Bridgman,shows us the Don River'some process of pollution and people's efforts to save the Don River.I really shocked by these words and the pictures,such a beautiful river can become so dirty,and the role of this thing is the result of human beings.

On one side, people always put their waste discharged into river. Some people think it doesn't matter, but as people all know, the waste water include many harmful elements, such as phosphorus, it can algae grow extremely fast. Just due to those people's ideas cause them pay litte attention on the river's protection,and the river become more and more dirty.
On the other side,except the garbage of our daily life,the waste which produced by all kinds of factories can effect negatively to most extent.For instants, the plastic pollution will flow on the river, which can reduce the contet of oxygen in the river. In this case,the nember of fish will decline, even some rare kinds of fish are going to extinct by the terrible life conditions.So it should be noted on these problems,and sovle them as soon as possible.

All in all, water is the source of life,all the lives on the earth can not live without clean water.No matter for what reasons, people have to stop their behaves of contaminated river,and take actions to protect the river. Actions speak louder the words,so let's get start!

Submitted by Linda Liu on Thursday, July 14, 2011

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