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June 2010

Canadian Geographic magazine June 2010
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The Biodiversity Issue

“Biodiversity is an attempt to invoke the splendour of the living world with a single word,” writes Candace Savage in the June issue of Canadian Geographic. “Just six syllables but they flood the mind with images: fish, bright as petals, dart through a coral reef; herds of caribou stream across frozen lakes; bees thrum, wings beat, buds burst with greenery. This miracle planet teems with living things.” Savage’s essay introduces a package of stories on the true nature of biodiversity, the cornerstone of our annual environment issue, which also features a behind-the-scene look at Ontario’s ambitious tree planting plan and a fresh take on our Environmental Scientist of the Year honour. (Hint: the winners are far from any ivory tower.)



What is biodiversity?What is Biodiversity? The International Year of Biodiversity takes stock of our ingenious yet imperiled life-forms, from the clockwork of genes to the wild rumpus of ecosystems.
By Candace Savage

PLUS: Watch a video to find out more about the year of biodiversity.
Clayoquot Sound Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserves such as Clayoquot Sound aim to prove that rich natural environments go hand-in-hand with vibrant economies.
By Emma Lehmberg
Citizen Science Citizen Science From studying slugs to searching for swans and monitoring pine martens, citizen scientists keep watch over our changing world.
By Carlyn Zwarenstein with illustrations by John W. Stewart

PLUS: Follow a citizen scientist as they head out at midnight to count leopard frogs.
Tree Planting 50 Million Trees Ontario has an ambitious plan to reforest the most populated part of Canada. But first it must grapple with landowners and fragmented landscapes.
By Fraser Los with photography by Eamon Mac Mahon and Tobin Grimshaw

PLUS: Communities talk about their efforts to replant forests.
Tall-Grass Prairie Goodbye Tallgrass Prairie Once covering 6,000 square kilometres in Manitoba’s Red River valley, the tallgrass prairie has all but vanished from the Canadian landscape.
By Jim Chliboyko
Invasive Genes Invasive Species Naturalists have raised alarms about the growing number of “invasive” species hitching rides to new habitats. Yet recent findings say this isn’t such a bad thing.
By Chris Wood

PLUS: Read expanded profiles of invasive species in Canada.
Owl Island Freegan Living The last thing Gerard Daechsel remembers buying, save for his bus pass and monthly rent, is a solid pair of boots in the 1960s. Since then, he has lived as a freegan, an anti-consumerist who forages necessities from what others throw away.
Photography and story by Ben Nelms
The Jordan Basin The Jordan Basin Six years ago, an ecologically rich wedge of ocean in the northern Gulf of Maine became Canada’s first marine biodiversity showcase. Has it lived up to its promise?
By John DeMont
The inside story Wild ways, Watershed moment, Wanted: green trailblazers, Special delivery
Decades Happy days in the 1950s: Third in a six-part look at 80 years of Canadian Geographic
Editor’s notebook It’s, it’s, a bioblitz
Contributors Meet our writers and photographers
Reverberations Woe isn’t Wallaceburg
Discovery Where the grass is greener, Cape Breton’s lichen lifeline, So long and thanks for all the fish, Watch your ash, Extreme museum make-over, Gone with the wind
À la carte Biodiversity’s overheated hot spots
By Steven Fick and Chloé Melançon Beauséjour
Reviews Trauma Farm, The War in the Country, City Farmer, The Edible City, Ontario’s Old-Growth Forests, Deepwater Vee
On the horizon Border tales
Mosaic Prized catch: on the water with the charvesters
Photography and story by Dan Doucette
In Habitat The hitching post
By Hans Tammemagi

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