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January/February 2011 issue

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Re: the Canadian Boreal Forestry Agreement

It is unlikely this agreement will see peace in our forests. While it may be a temporary truce between large corporations and urban environmental organizations there is not the commitment to reach out to communities to seek their involvement and support.

The people and forests of the Boreal are intimately connected. Now is the time for northern communities, especially Aboriginal, to assume  responsibility for the shared stewardship of the Boreal Forest in light of growing environmental,  economic and social challenges. The Northern Ontario  Community Forest Charter promotes community-based decision-making for the publicly-owned  forests of Northern Ontario The rights and responsibilities of northern communities have been proposed and might be considered by all provinces and territories. To view this charter go to

Paul Filteau
536 Black Bay Road
Tunder Bay, On
P7A 1P8

Submitted by Paul Filteau on Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank you for the article on how the Boreal Forest Agreement is being implemented. I cheered when I first heard about it in May 2010, wondering whether words would translate into concrete actions. Your article has shown me that win/win scenarios are being worked on to consider priorities of all parties involved. I feel happy to live in a Canada that knows how to negotiate fair deals that mean something.

Submitted by Onni Milne on Monday, January 31, 2011

After reading the article and reviewing the accompanying map i noticed a small error. What you have labeled as Peace River Alberta is in actuality Grande Prairie. Peace River near the confluences of the Peace and Smoky rivers. Having worked in the forestry sector in that area for nearly a decade, i was surprised that a magazine such as yourselves mislabeled this point.

Submitted by Darcy Evanochko on Saturday, January 29, 2011

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