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January/February 2010

Canadian Geographic magazine January/February 2010
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International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-08 was the largest program of Arctic and Antarctic science ever undertaken, a period of intense international cooperation that generated volumes of technical data and reams of handwritten observations. IPY was responsible for more than 200 research projects, with thousands of scientists from 62 nations examining a wide range of physical, biological and social-science subjects. Canada, a nation with vast territory north of the Arctic Circle, has fittingly played a lead role.

The January/February 2010 issue of Canadian Geographic contains a polarpalooza of stories, ranging from an intimate portrayal of life at the Yukon’s Kluane Lake Research Station to a profile of a student geographer from Labrador on exchange in Norway. We shine a spotlight on the largest ever Inuit health survey and the mysterious disappearance of mercury from the atmosphere when the Arctic sun rises. It’s all part of our crucial quest to understand the North.

What is IPY?
International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-08 is a collaborative international effort to research the polar regions. Discover the key issues that lie at its heart.
By Kim Keitner

PLUS: An Inuit boy and his grandfather talk about Arctic change in the short film Papikatuk

Icefields of dreams
For 50 years, scientists have flocked to a Yukon research camp near Canada’s highest peak
By Teresa Earle with photography by Fritz Mueller

PLUS: Explore a photo essay on the community vibe at the research station, then follow caribou migrations with an interactive map

Northern checkup
The largest study on Inuit health in Canada offers a prescription for change
By Dominique Forget with photography by Benoit Aquin

PLUS: Watch Melting Lands — a short film about an Inuit community striving to keep its traditions

The case of the missing mercury
Every spring, something strange happens in the Arctic atmosophere
By Allen Abel with photography by Spencer Brown

PLUS: See footage of climate change's impact on marine wildlife and watch animations of how Arctic Ocean currents work

The cryosphere kid
Robert Way wants to probe permafrost in his native Labrador, but first he's thinking globally
By Scott Messenger with photography by Robert van Waarden

PLUS: Observe changes in the tree line with an interactive map

One scientist’s view on the changing ecology of Arctic sea ice
By Ed Struzik with photography by Janice Lang

PLUS: Explore the tools used by Arctic scientists and get an insider's look at Arctic ice research

Photo finish
Winners of Canadian Geographic’s 25th annual photo contest



The inside story
People power, Cruisin’ the North, Map and learn, Dynamic duo, Field work, Birthday bash

Wanderlust in the 1930s: First in a six-part look at 80 years of Canadian Geographic

Editor’s notebook
Polar prospects

Meet our writers and photographers

Wild laws, Our new BFFs, Osprey watch, Aw, rats! Pudding from the sea


See you next summer … maybe, To share and protect, Baby, it’s cold outside, IPY 101, Green machine, Counting caribou, All the world’s a laboratory

À la carte
Map of the cap — Arctic geology comes into focus
By Steven Fick and Liana B. Baker

The Ice Passage, Who Owns the Artic?, Polar Obsession, The Snow Tourist

On the horizon
The quest for quiet

In Habitat
Tales from the polar bear pilot
By Steve Miller, as told to Alec Ross

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