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December 2013 issue

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Really good. ADD more info please

Submitted by Cici on Friday, February 26, 2016

Don Doyle, your comment stating all those wonderful facts pertain g to the plight of the Vancouver Island marmot certainly pulled a heartfelt comment from John. Just imagine if you would for a moment the future generations related to John that will live with this beautiful animal as part of there lives.

I don't know if you were involved in this 30 year undertaking in some way or other Don but I hope that each and everyone of you who were involved realize that although we leave comments such as we do at times, how could we ever express the gratitude we feel for the fortitude, perseverance and Humanity you have all demonstrated in your endeavors to bring this being, this piece of Mother earths very soul back from the brink.

The work i'm sure is not done probably far from it but you all must remember that for one to put there hand to a being on the brink of disappearing from our amazing planet and to nurse them back to healthy numbers is nothing short of being Heroes, each and every one of you. you should and must be proud of yourselves, this type of pride is not vain. In fact, it will carry you forward. The Earth needs her Heroes, and we all need damn fine neighbors. Thank you all. I have a young daughter and like John I say AWESOME.

Ray R.

Submitted by Ray R on Monday, December 30, 2013

I was wondering why the Vancouver Island marmot is not mentioned here in this article. Being one of the rarest endemic mammals in Canada and the subject of an intensive recovery program for almost 30 years you think it might have made this list. From a captive breeding program that has won national and international awards (over 500 pups born in captivity) to releasing over 400 captive bred animals back to the wild it has been very successful. Although the program has not yet met all it's goals it has recovered the population from less than 30 in the wild in 2003 to 300-400 currently.

Submitted by Don Doyle on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

awesome and informational

Submitted by john on Monday, December 16, 2013

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