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Charles Foran

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“Keeping company with LV, San-J and their bhangra hip-hop friends was like being included in a three-day Indian wedding,” says writer Charles Foran. “I got to observe them in a range of settings and moods and develop a feel for their lifestyles and their Vancouver.
I like how much they laugh and enjoy each other’s company and how much they value family. I also like how at ease they are with who they are and what is important to them. And I really like their music, which is entirely Canadian, via the Punjab and England.” Foran is the author of seven books, including the novel Carolan’s Farewell, the story of an 18th-century Irish musician. He lives with his family in Peterborough, Ont.

Last updated: January/February 2006


Articles to which Charles Foran has contributed (3)

Trent-Severn Waterway

The nautical, engineering and natural wonders of Ontario’s Trent-Severn Waterway offer one hull of a history lesson

Canadian Geographic Travel Magazine
Source: Canadian Geographic Travel, March 2010
Department: Feature stories
Contributors: Charles Foran,

Article ID#: 1260
Bhangra beat

Blending techno with tradition, musicians in suburban Surrey, B.C., are transforming the folk music of the Punjab to produce a sound all their own

Canadian Geographic Magazine
Source: Canadian Geographic, January/February 2006
Department: Feature stories
Contributors: Charles Foran

Article ID#: 774


Brothers in drums

The sensuous rhythms of Senegal meet those of Quebec in the music of the Diouf brothers

Canadian Geographic Magazine
Source: Canadian Geographic, November/December 2004
Department: Feature stories
Contributors: Charles Foran,

Article ID#: 974

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