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April 2013 issue

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First, Hardins told us about the "Tragedy of the Commons". Later, we learned that it doesn't always have to be so. Dr. Elinor Ostrum won the Nobel Prize for Economics for her work showing how common assets can be managed so they are protected and productive. I encourage this as a solution.

Submitted by Glenn Black on Thursday, May 9, 2013

I believe the province has adjusted its stance on patrons, so this story is still evolving. This is one of those situations where good public policy should trump ideology, which means finding ways to preserve habitat that is already rare in Saskatchewan.

Submitted by Bill Armstrong on Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Stephen Harper's henchmen decided to dismantle the PFRA Irrigation system. During discussions with them on this matter we asked about the pastures. They said "no no, the pastures will remain" .
Then they unceremoniously dumped the pastures onto the provinces, which of course was an unwanted shock and burden for them.
Manitoba did the hounrable thing and helped the patrons continue the pastures.
Saskatchewan wrung its hands - dollar signs flashing in their eyes, then they noticed the grim faced cattelmen and quickly pretended they were on the cattlemen's side all along.
Sadly the dollar signs were still rolling, Sask wants the pasture patrons to pay for the fences and other infrastructure that they had already paid for in levies and for which the feds had not charged them a dime.
They want to sell the pastures rather than keep them as public lands.

Submitted by Paul Heglund on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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