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April 2012 issue

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My husband and I had 2 favorite places in Saskatchewan(many others as well)mainly because of their natural beauty as well as their silence. Grasslands Park was number 2the Athabasca Sandunes and south shore of Lake athabasca number 1the silence was incredible most of the time. I am hoping to sprinkle my husbands ashes there sometime in the future.

Submitted by carol beck on Monday, July 30, 2012

I discovered Grasslands in the 90's driving from Montana to Swift Current. I stopped the car and marvelled at the colony of Prairie Dogs and the Quietude until impatient passengers pushed to go on.I've lived in British Columbia over 50 years and love the mountains, but the first 25 years of my life seared my Soul to Saskatchewan. Like Robert,I hope GNP contnues to be a Park less travelled and that people like Mr. Hempton prevail in their efforts to preserve the quiet. I hope to get back one more time. The last time I heard quiet was an afternoon 20 years ago floating on a boat on a river near Strachan in Tasmania. A footnote: I quietly shake my head in pity at the many folks who have complained to me about the boredom of driving the stretch of the Trans Canada Highway from Calgary to the Lakehead on their way to "somewhere". What a slice of life's pie they're missing.

Submitted by Cornel on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've been visiting GNP once or twice a year now for for 15 years, and one of the reasons for my frequent visits is exactly the topic of this article that keeps me going back... the quiet. I've done the wee morning hours hikes to get in position to photograph wildlife, and occasionally, when the wind is still, one can hear the sound of absolutely nothing. Its eerie, but stunningly beautiful, and so difficult to come by in everyday modern life. Often, I put the camera down and close my eyes and simply listen to the Grasslands. It's amazing though how much noise there is in silence, well, "natural" noise, which I don't mind in the least. I too get irritated when a jet passes far overhead when I'm in GNP... it's an invasion of my "personal quiet space". Thank you for this article, and thank you to Mr. Hempton for his most excellent work on quiet places... most people think I'm crazy when I say I'm going to Saskatchewan on holiday... it's hard to get people excited about silence, but then again, it all works out for me in the end, as GNP is still the least visited National Park, and I like it just fine that way!

Submitted by Robert on Friday, March 23, 2012

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