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Time for some fun and games! Create a new creature, conduct an orchestra, surf through our wacky wallpapers and more on this page!

Awesome games

The Great Canadian

Play our new game and help Larry the Leaf keep Canada's environment green!
Arctic hare

CG Kids Map Puzzle

Have fun piecing together the Can Geo Kids Map of Canada Puzzle!

Word Search

Choose from over 10 themes for over 100 words!

Create a Creature

Make a penguskox or a wolfcoonfly – the variations are limitless!

Nature’s Orchestra

Create your own symphony of natural sound with this interactive Flash piece!

Make your own…

Create and print your own door knob sign or bookmark using special images from Can Geo Kids!

Cool screensavers

Baby animals

You’ve gotta see these cuties on screen!

Outer Space

See the last frontier on your computer.

Forest Follies

Watch the animals frolic in the forest!

Underwater Oasis

Join Can Geo kids for an adventure below the sea!


Cool wallpapers

Winter Spring Summer Autumn Culture Geography Geology Market Time Sleepy Bear Bugs Butterfly Canada Canada

The Great Canadian Folk Hero

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