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CG Kids Episodes

Explore Canada! Travel the many terrains of our vast country with CG Kids TV. Read along with the episodes here.

NOTE: For informational purposes only. Episodes are not available on line.

Season 6

Episode 1: Camp Etlitoq

Palmer sends Sid and Cat on a mission to take the stage at Camp Etlitoq at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Nova Scotia to get connected with Mi'kmaq culture and perform in a musical review. Cat distracts herself from her performance anxiety and learns how to relax, Mi'kmaq-style. As she takes her mind off of her fears while learning to lace a drum, Sid learns how to woo women with an Iroquois love flute. Next, they make rattles with Chief Meuse and learn about the traditional positive vibes of Mi'kmaq music. Distracted by mosquito bites, Sid and Cat go on a medicine walk and make a trade with Mother Earth for an herbal anti-itch remedy. Cat chills out the Mi'kmaq way and turns to porcupine quill embroidery, while Sid creates some traditional birch bark art. Sid and Cat finally take the stage and show off all that they've learned about Mi'kmaq culture. Will the critics give them two thumbs up for their performance? Find out on this episode of CG Kids!!

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Episode 2: Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Sid and Cat get their heads out of the clouds when Palmer sends them to Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia. They hop in a canoe with Jean from the park and learn about traditional birch Mi'kmaq canoes. Next they peek into the past when Jean makes Sid and Cat guardians of the park's 500 fragile petroglyphs that depict Mi'kmaq hunting traditions in stone. Then they help Jean build a wigwam where they crash for the night. In the light of day Sid and Cat join Stephen Flemming to wade into learning how to track some of the park's 300 endangered Blanding turtles and spend the night protecting turtle eggs from raccoon robbery. Will Sid and Cat succeed as security guards for the vulnerable turtles? Find out on this episode of CG Kids!!

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Episode 3: Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada

Sid and Cat check out nature's balancing act at New Brunswick's Kouchibouguac National Park. Between one of the largest tern colonies and a fragile piping plover population, the park is full of wildlife. They race around the park's bike paths through the Acadian forest and use their senses to learn the sacred balance of the area's Mi'kmaq people. Next, they meet up with park biologist Eric Tremblay to monitor salmon in the famous Miramichi River to play doctor and figure out the health of the river. Then Mark Hambrook shows Sid and Cat around the oldest fish hatchery in Canada and they release some small fryes into the Elsipogtog River. At the end of the day, they learn to bring everything together when they learn to make colourful traditional friendship bracelets that represent an exchange between friends.

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Episode 4: Batoche National Historic Site

Sid and Cat realize that they are not as hardcore as they thought they were when they travel down the South Saskatchewan River to relive the experience of Metis free traders. They take up Palmer's pioneer challenge and experience life as it was 100 years ago at the Batoche National Historic Site. After a back breaking portage, Sid and Cat slip into some Metis threads and learn about how Metis clothes were more than just a fashion statement. Next, they fumble through finger weaving, wipe themselves out with some good, old-fashioned water hauling and dig in the dirt to help with the potato harvest. After all of that labour, Sid and Cat reenergize with traditional Metis power snack when they learn to make pemmican. They'll need the energy for the last challenge when they use their own horsepower. But at the end of the day it is all worth it when they celebrate their triumphs with a Metis party!

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Episode 5: Prince Albert National Park

Sid and Cat dig into the past at Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan where they join Woodland Cree kids in ground truthing and get the earth to give up its secrets. Henry Fremont shows them how to scout and scour the area for artifacts, like arrowheads. Their keen and patient ground truthing pays off when Sid makes a find that sheds light on the life in an old logging camp and its connection to settlers roots across the ocean. Next, Sid and Cat wade into the soggy bog and come across Eva Paul, who is looking for something with a more recent history, the uncommon Northern Leopard frog. As they head deeper into the bog Sid and Cat find its dark and sinister side when they come across the sneaky, carnivorous pitcher plant. Their time in the park teaches them that there is always more than meets the eye. Dig a little deeper and get beneath the surface on this episode of CG Kids!!

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Episode 6: Riding Mountain National Park

Some bike troubles lead Sid and Cat on a horseback adventure to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba to follow trails blazed by First Nations thousands of years ago. They take a vacation from the help of GPS and travel like the First Nations would have done, using their five senses to navigate the terrain. They follow their instincts to Eugene Blackbird and learn about the importance of bison to the First Nations and get to the bottom of the difference between buffalo and bison. Next, Sid and Cat follow the sound of elks mating and meet up with Tim Sallows and Ian Eyde to check out a program that monitors animals at risk of tuberculosis in the park. Then they follow their noses to the pungent odour of bison and meet up with Mark Young and get up close and personal with a herd of the huge animals. After a long day, back on their bikes, Sid and Cat ride into the sunset. Join them on this episode of CG Kids!!

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Episode 7: Pacific Rim National Park

Palmer sends Sid and Cat into the undercover world of hidden treasures at Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. They use the skills they've learned from watching episodes of CSI to solve Palmer's riddles and probe deep into the island's buried secrets. They end up in the right place at the right time to dig in the mud and poke around in tidal pools for elusive creatures and otherworldly animals. Sid and Cat visit and learn about the Ucuelet First Nations and how they live in harmony with nature. Next, Bob Hansen explains the Wild Coast Project and Sid and Cat improve their detective skills and learn how to track cougars and wolves. Then they end up on the hunt for a salmon forest and learn that everything is not always as it appears! Will Sid and Cat solve the many mysteries of the Pacific Rim? Find out on this episode of CG Kids!

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Episode 8: Kootenay National Park

Sid and Cat end up on a wild sheep chase at Kootenay National Park. While searching for the area's Bighorn celebrity, they are surprised to learn how forest fires can be a good thing and help rejuvenate a forest and that fires are intentionally set in the park to encourage new growth. Next, Sid and Cat teeter up steep, rocky paths and still haven't stumbled across any Bighorns, but do find the ancient alpine ice river known as the Stanley Glacier. Then they stumble across the sacred Paint Pots, where First Nations and early European settlers dug up the unique and beautiful iron and mineral colours to use as paint. Sid and Cat follow their noses when they smell smoke and find Rick Kubian and they help him do a test fire and learn how the fires are also good for the elusive Bighorn sheep in the area. They are stunned to find sheep somewhere they never thought they would!! Next, Sid and Cat soak up everything they've learned and the relaxation of the Kootenays in some healing hot springs. Can you handle the heat of this episode of CG Kids?

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Episode 9: Toronto's ancient sites

Palmer sets the record straight with Cat and Sid about what lies beneath Canada's largest city. They learn that even though there may not be pyramids or sphinxes lining Toronto's downtown, that doesn't mean there isn't a wealth of history beneath its sidewalks and bustling streets. To learn the history of the hub of First Nations activity that dates back 11,000 years, Sid and Cat get John Steckley to take them on a tour of Toronto's ancient sites. He shows them that the city sits on an important highway of rivers that First Nations used to transport their goods and learn where Toronto really gets its name from. Next, they learn to look past modern subdivisions to see ancient Iroquois settlements and get to check out some ancient artifacts. All this running around works up an appetite, so Cat and Sid grab a timeless First Nations snack that helps them power up to play a game of lacrosse, North America's oldest sport. Join them and discover that history really is everywhere on this episode of CG Kids!

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Episode 10: Point Pelee National Park

Sid and Cat learn to appreciate the blessing of bird poop when Palmer sends them into the line of fire at Point Pelee National Park, where they get up close and personal with some of the parks 370 bird species. Dan Dufour teaches them how the balmy temperatures that the park enjoys at Canada's most southerly tip affects the area's wildlife and makes the park very different from the rest of Canada. Next, Chief Larry Johnson explores the history of the Caldwell First Nations and the importance of Point Pelee's birds to their culture, especially the significance of the eagle and their feathers. Then Phil Roberts gives Sid and Cat a tour of the park's eagle platform and they help him build the beginnings of a nest to bring some eagles into the neighbourhood. Then Sid and Cat become night owls and get nocturnal on a late night owl prowl and meet Fuzzy Wink, the Great Horned owl. The next day they learn the ropes of a scientific bird count. Sid and Cat truly are blessed by the birds of Point Pelee in this episode of CG Kids!

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Episode 11: Ottawa

Palmer helps Sid and Cat as they navigate their way around the Ottawa River and its long and important history. They learn all about how Ottawa became such a hub that the Queen named it the capital of Canada and that the river had a lot to do with it. Sid and Cat visit the Canadian Museum of Civilization and learn about how the river system was the lifeblood of the area's Algonquin people and became a key in the first settlers establishing communities along the river's shores. Next, Parks Canada specialist Juan Sanchez shows Sid and Cat the ins and outs of the Rideau Canal and its system of locks and how it helped win the War of 1812. Valerie Blazeski goes underwater to show Sid and Cat what lives in the infamous canal's waters, then Jonathon Moore digs even deeper into the historical relics that are preserved in the canal's muddy floor. Get to the bottom of Ottawa's waterways on this episode of CG Kids!

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Episode 12: La Mauricie National Park

Sid and Cat really get into the snow when Palmer challenges them to some winter travel just like the First Nations and European settlers would have done it. They set out for adventure on snowshoes, toboggans, skis and dog sled at La Mauricie National Park. On their adventure they learn about some of the park's conservation projects that keep an eye on the populations of wolves and bears in the area. Then they learn how the park is using fire to bring back the white pine trees that are disappearing from the area. Get bundled up and join Sid and Cat in a winter wonderland on this episode of CG Kids!

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Episode 13: Wendake: Huron-Wendat First National Park

Palmer sends Cat and Sid to settle down, just like the Huron did when they made a home for themselves at Wendake, just outside of Quebec City. They learn the history of the Huron-Wendat people and visit a reconstructed Huron village and see what their lives used to be like. Then Sid and Cat get to sit down and learn how to make traditional pottery. Next, they learn about some of the hardships that were faced by the Huron and the European settlers who struggled to make their home here, fighting wars and disease. They make themselves more at home with a visit to beautiful Montgomery Falls where Sid and Cat get their adrenaline pumping with some ice climbing. Then they take their ice experience to the next level when they visit the ice hotel, where they sip ice cold drinks and admire the spectacular ice palace. Get cozy and settle in for adventure with Sid and Cat on this episode of CG Kids!

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