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Explore Canada through its wooly wildlife, giant geography and fun facts! Play games, get homework help and much more on this section devoted to CG Kids!
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Looking for facts on a particular Canadian animal?
  • Learn facts on physiology, habitats, and behaviours.
  • View range maps for each animal.
  • Browse alphabetically, by species or by province.
  • Download the full collections in a single PDF.
  • Print and collect them all.
  • Tell your friends!
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Most experts believe the domestic dog descended from the wolf — the two are genetically identical and are capable of interbreeding. Learn more »
Cool games, screensavers & wallpapers.
  • The Great Canadian Clean-up
  • CG Kids Map Puzzle
  • Create a Creature
  • Make your own…
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Nature’s Orchestra
Create your own symphony of natural sound with this interactive Flash piece!
Want to learn more about Canada?
  • Get statistics and learn some weird facts about Canada.
  • Learn each province’s capital city, flower, bird and tree.
  • View the provincial flags.
  • Explore the interactive map!
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What’s weird
Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese than any other nation on earth.
Explore Canada and the world.
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A developing world
An interactive world map focusing on international development.
Discover Canada with CG Kids TV.
  • Episode descriptions - can’t remember in which episode of CG Kids our fearless hosts body-surfed through ocean caves? Or when Eldon got lost in the snow in Algonquin Park? Find out here!
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Explore Canada!
Join the hosts as they travel across Canada. Read about their journey and see what they discover.


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