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Test your knowledge of CANADA'S FORESTS.

1. Canada has 9 per cent of all the forestland in the world. Of Canada’s share, about 68 per cent is coniferous, 16 per cent is mixedwood and 11 per cent is broadleaf. How much forestland does Canada have?

224 million hectares
348 million hectares
156 million hectares
20 million hectares

2. What percentage of the world’s boreal forest lies within Canada?

10 per cent
50 per cent
25 per cent
60 per cent

3. How many forest regions are there in Canada?


4. What percentage of Canada’s forestland is owned and managed by provincial and territorial?

10 per cent
30 per cent
60 per cent
90 per cent

5. How much of the world’s unfrozen freshwater lies within Canada’s boreal forest?

10 per cent
80 per cent
40 per cent
20 per cent

6. Where is Canada’s Carolinian forest located?

Southern British Columbia
Southwestern Ontario
Northern Alberta

7. What is significant about B.C.’s Rainforest Coast?

It's the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world
Trees here can live longer than 1,000 years
It supplies critical habitat for many animal species, including the rare Kermode bear
All of the above

8. What percentage of Canada’s Aboriginal communities are located in forested areas?

2 per cent
25 per cent
70 per cent
100 per cent

9. How much of Canada’s forests are sustainable managed?

46 per cent
32 per cent
27 per cent
90 per cent

10. Canada’s boreal forest is crucial habitat for half of Canada’s bird species. How many bird species call Canada’s boreal forest home?


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