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Canadian Geographic Challenge
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Welcome to the
Canadian Geographic Challenge
We are pleased to announce that the top five Canadian Geographic Challenge National Finalists competing today are:

– Anzo Nguyen (Grade 10, Henry Wisewood High School, Calgary)
– Aaron Abraham (Grade 8, Connect Charter School, Calgary)
– Adrian Martin (Grade 10, Riverdale Collegiate, Toronto)
– Malhaar Moharir (Grade 8, University of Toronto Schools, Toronto)
– Patrick Prochazka (Grade 9, Pickering College, Mono, Ont.)

Are you ready for the Challenge? Welcome to the Canadian Geographic Challenge, Canada’s biggest geography challenge.

This year is the Challenge’s 20th anniversary and things are starting to change. The Challenge began at a time when questions were mailed or faxed in, then technology progressed and steered the challenge towards e-mail communication and downloadable resources. Today the Challenge is connected to one of the world’s biggest companies, one synonymous with high-tech brilliance, innovation, commitment to education and the go-to for armchair and professional geographers alike.

The Canadian Geographic Challenge is proud to be partnered with Google to make its 20-anniversary year exceptional. By revamping the look and feel of the Challenge and integrating Google tools, like Street View and Google Earth, into it the Canadian Geographic Education team can’t wait for the biggest year yet.

These changes are going to be rolling out over the course of this school year. Stay tuned. Your patience will be rewarded.

Who will be Canada’s next top geography student?

Attend the Canadian Geographic Challenge National Final

Join us and see Canada’s top five geography students answer the gamut of questions in a game show-style competition. Here’s a sampling of the kind of questions the students will need to answer:

• Which canal connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie?

• If you traveled directly from Seoul to Beijing, what direction would you be heading: north, south, east, or west?

• Budgies (or Parakeets) come from the same country that is home to the Duck-Billed Platypus and the Wombat. Name the country.

One student will emerge to become Canadian champion and win the title and prizes. Come see what it takes.

Seating is limited so please contact us early.

Monday, May 4th
12:45 p.m.

Barrick Salon
Canadian Museum of Nature
240 McLeod Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 2R1


Sara Black, Education Program Coordinator at black@rcgs.org

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