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Monthly archives

March 2015
Canadian lifestyles by postal code
Video of the week: Lynx spotting
Throwback thursday: 1930's electricity advertisement
Review of Spirit Bear Family documentary
Museum Week reveals secrets across Canada
Step by step illustration of Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq
Map: National birds around the world
How Canada is fighting illegal fishing
Video of the week: Hello Toronto
Throwback Thursday: Whaling in the North Pacific
Help us choose the May 2015 Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
How we chose the cover of the 2015 Birds Photography issue
Monarch grounds grow in Mexico, but species still struggles
Q&A with photographer Harry Bohm
Skiing to the South Pole at 58
Ice-sealed lakes in Canada’s highest Arctic are ancient living laboratories
Video of the week: northern adventures
Throwback Thursday: International Polar Year
Help us choose the cover of the upcoming Best of Birds 2015!
Ontario outlines new rules for captive marine mammals
Book Review of Arctic Ambitions: Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage
Louie Kamookak on the Franklin find
Meet the caretaker behind a community rink
Canadian wins international For Women in Science award
Using local knowledge to improve food security in the Arctic
HMS Erebus exploration set to continue
HMCS Annapolis sinking postponed
Video of the Week: Rio time-lapse
Great Backyard Bird Count sets new species record
Honouring Erebus in Toronto
And then they swam: Two men, one rare disease and the first unsupported rowboat crossing of the Indian Ocean
Wolf cull in British Columbia spawns controversy
Throwback Thursday: Africa holiday
The maps that sparked Canada's bicycle frenzy
Soothing a winter of discontent: Fjallraven’s Kyl and Kyla parkas emerge as an early frontrunner for gear of the year

February 2015
10 bird photography tips
Remembering Ernest Côté
Throwback Thursday: our long legacy of Canadian bird coverage
Photo Essay: a bird’s-eye view of the Oak Ridges Moraine
Global geography trivia
Mapping the future of sustainable agriculture
Why you should be happy Niagara Falls isn't actually frozen
Canadian Geographic goes ice fishing
Throwback Thursday: Adventures with rum
From Sweden with love: What the rest of the world is bringing to the Canadian gear scene
Best National Bird Project essays
What to do when you think you found a fossil
Geography lingo to impress your friends
UBC research supports ban on high seas fishing
Valentine's Day statistics
Throwback Thursday - Canada’s Debt to the Indians
Five phone photography tips
Biodiversity at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean
10 questions to test your geography knowledge
How we chose the cover: Canadian Geographic April 2015
Video of the Week: Baby albino elephant
Throwback Thursday - the legacy of J.B. Tyrrell
National Bird Project: Making a case for the ‘underbird’
Ultra-sustainable ‘earthship’ built in Alberta
Canadian wins Young Outdoor Photographer of the Year
Help us choose the April 2015 Canadian Geographic cover!
The process of illustrating the National Bird Project
Mapping Canada's busiest airports

January 2015
Video of the Week: drone video of Nazi concentration camp
The art and science of Vanishing Ice
Throwback Thursday: honouring the Golden Plover
National Bird Project essays
10 bonus facts about Canadian people, places and society
Iconic driftwood house preserved in Mackenzie Delta permafrost
Gear Review: Stay warm in winter without sacrificing style
Q&A with winners of Arctic Inspiration Prize
10 surprising facts about sports and leisure
New giant floor map features North American migrations
National Bird Project essays
Video of the Week: bioluminescent lamp
Cold-weather photography tips
10 surprising facts about Canadian pop culture
Map Monday: Can you identify cities by their streets?
A dozen travel-related New Year's resolutions from Canadian Geographic
Throwback thursday: award-winning cover
Exploring the reinvention of Barbados
10 surprising facts about Canadian transportation
Throwback Thursday: a tradition of wolf covers

December 2014
Winston Churchill slept here: Taking Baffin’s Trail 2 Rapids for a tropical test dive in Jamaica
Editor's 2014 story recommendations
10 surprising facts about communication in Canada
Maps: how Canadians spend their holiday cash
How maps were used to politicize early Canada
Tracking fresh water and contaminants in the Arctic Ocean
Franklin bell replica unveiled at ROM
Estrogen found to have detrimental effects on freshwater wildlife
Q&A with Merna Forster about women on Canadian banknotes
Dinosaur bone bed in Edmonton earns praise
Tribes from US & Canada sign treaty to restore bison to Great Plains
Beluga habitat concerns delay Energy East pipeline terminal
10 surprising facts about Canadian innovations
Geography lovers gift guide
Map: where Christmas trees are grown in Canada
How we chose the covers: Canadian Geographic Pets Photography 2015 special issue
Help us choose the 2015 Pets Photography cover!
10 surprising facts about Canadian industry
New giant map of Arctic challenges perceptions of the North
Canadian botanist seeks plants for Mars colonization
Video of the week: rare angler fish footage
Photo slideshow: life and death in the Southern Ocean
Environmental commissioner decries logging in Algonquin
10 surprising facts about Canadian structures
How we chose the cover: January/February 2015 Canadian Geographic

November 2014
Video of the week: a year in the life of Earth's CO2
Canadian adventure scientists discover new caves in Madagascar
Why we chose the wildlife photo contest winners
Innovative techniques monitor polar bears without disturbing them
North American birds facing climate change crisis
10 surprising facts about Canada's wildlife
Help us choose the Jan/Feb 2015 Canadian Geographic cover!
Best and brightest honoured at 2014 RCGS dinner
Q&A with arctic researcher Donald Forbes
Chronic wasting disease is becoming a chronic problem
Reflections of a Franklin-phile
Recycled livestock waste-water wins Environmental Innovation Award
“We have it in our hands to shape the future,” says 2012 Massey Medal winner
Astronauts attending the RCGS Fellows Dinner
Honouring the 2014 Camsell Medal winners
Q&A with award-winning geography teacher Mike Farley
Video of the week: comet landing
Revived ancient virus raises concerns about melting permafrost
10 surprising facts about Canadian weather
Map: Canada remembers the First World War
Plants hardiness map looks a lot like a Canadian population map
Using Antarctic ice to map the universe’s energy hot spots
Video: what it's like to endure a polar vortex on a boat
Bell from HMS Erebus recovered
Throwback Thursday: the shipwreck hunter
Steroids: the arctic ground squirrel's secret to surviving winter
10 surprising facts about Canadian geography
A hitchhiker's guidance: Do you know where your towel is?

October 2014
Video of the week: laser beam vs. liquid droplet
Throwback Thursday: the first Canadian Arctic Expedition
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative: 20 years later
Q&A: Dr. Charles Krebs on a lifetime of science
Tools for navigating in the North
Video of the week: bull moose fight
Throwback Thursday: Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Canada's North
Gearing up to find Franklin: Equipment I brought on this summer's Victoria Strait Expedition
How to choose the right photo tour for you
The importance of maritime archaeology in Canada
Yukon vs. Yukon: driving the Klondike highway
Advanced Canadian sonar technology takes crystal-clear pictures of arctic sea floor during the 2014 Franklin search
Plotting an Arctic journey
Video of the week: night skiing
Throwback Thursday: Finding the HMS Investigator
Climate change isn't the only thing threatening maple trees
Manitoba mosasaur declared world's largest
Video of the Week: superstack views
Throwback Thursday: Illegal journey to the Arctic Islands in the 1930s
How we chose the Your Pets in Focus Photo Contest winners
Invasive snake wreaking havoc in the Pacific
The representation of war shown in Toronto photo exhibit
Canadian Geographic kicks off World Space Week with Bill Nye
The difference between navigating in the Arctic vs. southern Canada
Timelapse from the Victoria Strait Expedition
Video of the Week: Volcano eruption
Throwback Thursday: 2001 Arctic Land Expedition
Managing the white-tailed deer population

September 2014
How we chose the covers: Winter 2014-2015 Canadian Geographic Travel
Robert Bateman Centre's educational initiatives combine art and wildlife
New app aims to help whales and the people who watch them
What’s next for the Franklin wreck?
Not wanted on the voyage: Invasive species and Arctic shipping
Video of the Week: Swan rescue
New photo exhibit gives a panoramic view of Canada's cities
Skyward Photo Contest: How we chose the winners
Throwback Thursday: Sleuthing for Franklin's crew
New study finds birds will need to head further north
Geo Quiz on sports
Help us choose the Winter Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
This map provides a new way to learn about the First World War
Diving equipment at the Franklin wreck site
Video of the Week: Volcano walk
Gear Review: Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 and SPOT Global Phone
Throwback Thursday: 1994 Franklin search
Trailblazing geologist left a lasting legacy
Newfoundland fossil shows signs of oldest animal
Q&A with Nikki Van Schyndel, author of Becoming Wild
Earthquake detectors being tested in B.C. schools
Mapping the secret lives of cats
Testing, testing: Inuit hunters and scientists work together to ensure walrus meat safe to eat
Video of the Week: Franklin find
Challenges of cold water diving for the Franklin wreck
Throwback Thursday: A look back at Fort Franklin
New gardening photo contest begins!
Prime Minister announces one of the Franklin Expedition ships has been found
Study on land fish gives insight into evolution
First person to cross Lake Ontario looks back on the epic journey 60 years later
The Victoria Strait Expedition, as seen through Instagram
Video of the Week: Northern lights
Shipwreck artifacts
Breaking News: Franklin search ship Martin Bergmann hits a shoal
Cleaning up Canada's litter
Throwback Thursday: The men of the Franklin Expedition
Geo Quiz: Fall fun in Canada
Walking British Columbia’s “Bear Highway”
English Warbow making waves in Canada

August 2014
Victoria Strait Expedition team rescues trapped boat from ice
Video: Canadian Geographic writer on this summer's Franklin search
Video of the week: Toronto's St. Lawrence Market
Throwback Thursday: A look back at historical searches for Franklin
Journey to Pangnirtung
Gear Review: trio of tops ensure versatile hiking wardrobe
Shark teeth reveal climate coping strategy
Research looks into whether grizzlies are tool savvy
Bluefin tuna tourism
Street View shows devastation in Gaza
How we chose the covers: October 2014 Canadian Geographic
Travelling in Canada's Northwest Passage
Video of the Week: Crocodile chase
Hunting for the Franklin shipwrecks
Throwback Thursday: Dealy Island's connection to the lost Franklin ships
A kangaroo's fifth leg
Counting polar bears by satellite
Energy experts discuss the issues facing their industry
Street View meets street sound
Could amphibious buildings be part of the solution for flood-prone James Bay communities?
Video: Ryan Harris dishes the details of this year's Franklin search
Video of the Week: Hailstorm
New series features storm chasers tracking Canada's terrible tornadoes
Throwback Thursday: Belcher Cairn
Photo Editor tips: Five ways to improve your photos
Ebola’s evolving geography: Why this year’s outbreak has spread further than ever before
10 top Canadian teachers meet to talk about energy literacy
Video: Delta Aquarid meteor shower
British Columbia’s finest fossils
On the edge: Experiencing the CN Tower’s EdgeWalk
Mapping Advocacy
New tools and tech cover more ground in this year's Franklin search
Video of the Week: Endangered goats
Throwback Thursday: The Romance of Northern Exploration
Mission impossible: organizing the unorganizable woman
Toronto urban forest more valuable than you think
Geo Quiz on the Franklin Expedition
Video of the Week: Iceberg collapse
RCGS floating headquarters aboard One Ocean Expeditions cruise ship
Arctic berry research gives Inuit youth hands-on science experience

July 2014
Throwback Thursday: The Fate of Sir John Franklin
First World War photography exhibition brings together the personal with the propaganda
Canadian student designs system that can monitor elephant poaching in Africa
Media buzzing over 2014 Franklin Expedition search
Sedna Epic Expedition completing first stage of journey
World Press Photo 14 exhibition opens today at the Canadian War Museum
RCGS CEO John Geiger gives a preview of the RCGS' role in this year's Franklin Expedition search
Video of the Week: Moose on the loose
How we chose the Fall 2014 Canadian Geographic Travel cover
Throwback Thursday: 1930s story on the Franklin Expedition search
Fish can remember up to 12 days
The quest for the best fish and chip on Nova Scotia’s Northumberland Shore
How taxi mapping can help the environment
RCGS CEO John Geiger gives a sneak peek of this year’s Franklin search
Heavy-metal-eating microorganisms are being put to work filtering contaminated water at northern mine sites
Video of the Week: Giant hole found in Siberia
Help us choose the Fall Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Canadian photographer Michelle Valberg to host a mountain-based photo workshop
Rescued baby whale’s struggle to survive
New search for lost Franklin Expedition begins in new location
Mapping books by neighbourhood
Video of the week: Shackled elephant rescued
A glimpse at the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania
Decoy turtles used to solve murder mystery in Manitoulin Island area
Photography stamps released from Canada Post
9 great map quotes
The Arctic voyages of the intrepid ringed seal
Video of the Week: Birds opening doors
Photo Essay: First World War sites in Ottawa
Geo Quiz on Canada's National Parks

June 2014
Video of the Week: Bear jogging
A bike tour of the Napa Valley
Pimachiowin Aki faces challenges in World Heritage Site bid
Bear safety tips
New Inuit trail map could change the way we look at the North
Royal Canadian Geographical Society proud to announce partnership in Franklin search
How we chose the July/August 2014 Canadian Geographic cover
Video of the Week: Roadtrip across Canada
Nadya Kwandibens photographs the First Nations experience across Canada
Monarch butterflies struggle to survive with loss of milkweed food source
An innovative project is using Arctic greenhouses to build food security and community well-being
Celebrating National Aboriginal History Month
Help us choose the July/August Canadian Geographic cover!
Video of the Week: Polar bear's view
Jill Heinerth's photography brings the beauty of cave diving to the surface
Beetle fossils help researchers understand climate change
Arctic images make visitors consider the portrayal of Canada's North
New giant floor map showcases Canada like never before
Looking back on Canada's Coolest School Trip
Video of the Week: Space robot repairs itself
Whale watching and fishing on Canada's Coolest School Trip
Q&A with astrophotographer Alan Dyer
New photo contest in honour of the First World War's 100th anniversary
How an inventive Canadian experiment is exploring the possible effects of climate change in the Arctic
Canada's Coolest School Trip winners enjoy invasive species battles, gunfire and West Coast delicacies
Plankton thought to be extinct has come back to life
Canada's Coolest School Trip begins
Alberta geography professor wins RCGS' Massey Medal
Glaciers mapped around world
10 sites to tour at Doors Open Ottawa this weekend

May 2014
New stamps unveiled of Canada's UNESCO world heritage sites
Video of the Week: Momma bear saves her cub from traffic
New exhibition commemorates the Empress of Ireland sinking
Commemorating the centenary of Canada's worst maritime disaster
Our special issues on photography: How to get your images selected
The buzz on bee declines this past winter
Robotic lobster noses could soon be sniffing out oil spills
A Q&A with Dianne Whelan on spending 40 days at Mount Everest's base camp
Video of the Week: the supercell storm
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society receives a royal gift
Q&A with photographer Pat Kane
Q&A with Peter Bregg
Concern over Atlantic salmon numbers in Quebec
Amphibians threatened by non-native fish and climate change
Video of the Week: caribou stranded on ice flows
Reports suggest protecting songbirds means preserving the boreal forest
Sustainable forestry award winner meets a prince
The future of solar power in Ontario
The struggle to keep the Experimental Lakes Area
Conserving the Porcupine Caribou
Canadian mining company could be involved in world’s first deep sea mine
World Under Water tool visualizes your home after climate change
Canadian Polar Commission report reveals key issues in Canada's North
Mother and daughter team plan to film their world exploration
Wi-Fi access being installed in Canada's national parks
Video of the Week: sinking cars
Preparing for an emergency can help hikers
On finding Farley
CONTACT Festival showcases Canadian and international photography
Most photographed places in Canada
Hummingbirds continue to diversify and adapt to different ecological niches
Top Canadian cave diver shares the wonders and dangers of the underwater world
Map Monday - Art meets Google Street View
New research into Arctic marine mammal movements aims to maintain the future of a traditional Inuit food source
Video of the Week: How wood frogs survive the winter
New exhibit brings light to the ocean's rarest creatures
Mapping solar energy potential on Victoria's rooftops
Gear Blog Anniversary: Standout gear for women

April 2014
Canadian artist to create bird-friendly solar panels for buildings
Canadian researchers awarded top science prize
Map Monday - What does it take to map a cross-Canada trail?
New app delivers information on the world’s coldest regions
Battle to save the sage grouse goes to court
Video of the Week: Bear Spotting in Banff National Park
How we chose the Canada's Parks Photography 2014 Covers
Albertan man breaks records at Calgary Tower climb
Alberta's grizzlies under threat
Edmonton exhibit helps people learn about wildlife rescue
Five relaxing spas in Alberta
Map Monday - Tracking hummingbird migrations
Six facts in celebration of Earth Day
Video of the week: flood water skiing
Breaking the ice: making the most of spring with Icebreaker's Allure Travel dress
Wet facts and photos on floods
Last Tuesday's lunar eclipse was the beginning of a tetrad
Shark tag finds its way home
An Ottawa group of Arctic aficionados celebrates a milestone
Backyard biodiversity tips
Librarians and researchers react to government library closures
Map Monday - Most photographed places
Editors' behind-the-scenes insights through Twitter and Instagram
Video of the Week: Close Encounter of the Meteorite Kind
How we chose the covers: Summer 2014 Canadian Geographic Travel
New art exhibitions explore the First World War's historical significance
Are neonicotinoid pesticides contaminating wetlands?
Photographing Colourful Canada
Understanding the Rwandan genocide through maps
Video of the Week: the scratching tree
Biology brothers win Brockhouse Canada Prize
Q & A with Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak on how satellite images calculate fish catches
Cartography and Pokemon together at last
Celebrating Earth Hour around the World
Ontario introduces new legislation to halt invasive species invasion

March 2014
Video of the week: dust devil
Canadian Stamp Collection has new home at Canadian Museum of History
An Arctic researcher works to reduce the impact of trace contaminants in country food
Web series profiles raise awareness of Arctic research
Scientists discover cows are smarter together than when separated
Arctic belugas infected by kitty litter disease
Biologists say black-tailed prairie dogs aren’t cheering, but they have something to teach us
How we chose the Authentic Alberta Photo Contest winners
Researchers sequence genes to find out more about plagues
Map Monday - A new way of looking at time zones
Help us choose the May Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Fun facts to celebrate International Day of Forests
Video of the Week: Taming of the Grizzly
Celebrities, scientific revelations and family fun at Ottawa’s Outdoor and Travel Adventure Show
Greg Snell works overtime at the Best Job in the World
The rise of the urban coyote
Reaction to the decision to open more than half of the Yukon’s Peel Watershed region to development
UBC bus shelter adds nature to its design
Researchers discover sea sponges can sneeze
Map Monday - St. Patrick's Day edition
Video of the week: bear on a string
New documentary shows importance of the Mackenzie River
Wild Canada: Step into Canada’s Vast Wilderness
Albertans asked to help track earthworms
Large fossil find discovered in a Canadian national park
How cross-border cooperation is helping Appalachian conservationists
Honouring female researchers on International Women's Day
A program that sends youth from Canada’s North to Africa provides life-changing opportunities
Early Bird Prize draw for Sable Island cruise
Video of the week: crowboarding
Unbreakable glass
Dispatches from Antarctica: Wilhelmina Bay
Rolling through the vineyards: taking MEC's Audax Pannier on a Sonoma County ride
Hockey player captures Rideau Canal footage for Google Street View
Bald eagles in Nova Scotia may be disrupting other bird populations
Map Monday - How to make your photography better using Google Earth

February 2014
Emerging satellite and imaging technologies may help limit the increasing risks to Arctic shipping and exploration
Video of the Week: NASA images of the polar vortex
Sable Island: It's for the Birds
Award-winning filmmaker recalls his quest following a droplet of water
Study suggests marine areas receive scant protection
How Canada's bridges impact energy
How we chose the cover: April 2014
Map Monday - Logging transparency reaches new level
Video of the Week: Lake Michigan's ice caves
2014 Photo Contests
Roadside vegetation can improve air quality and reduce energy costs
Dispatches from Antarctica: South Georgia Island
Help us choose the April Canadian Geographic cover!
Bringing science to UN climate change conferences
Map Monday - Athletes across Canada
Love songs for the winter weary
Video of the Week: Dana Meise encounters a snapping turtle
Best Canadian Geographic Cover of the Year: 2013
Sustainable architecture used to green buildings
Dispatches from Antarctica: Falkland Islands
Winter running with Ray Zahab
'Father of GIS' passes away
Award-winning photographer shares tips on capturing wildlife and landscape scenery
New real-time ice mapping project could save lives
Canadian photographer and physicist join forces in new D-Day microphotography project
How we chose the Whatever the Weather Photo Contest winners
How economics, the environment and innovation may lead to a return to the airship, particularly for cargo transportation in the Canadian Arctic
Genetics affecting trees
Video of the Week: Tokamak Fusion Reactor
Dispatches from Antarctica: Ushuaia, Argentina
Canadian researchers study space winds in the upper atmosphere
Wildlife tourism more profitable than hunting
Map Monday: How open data is revolutionizing online maps

January 2014
Video of the Week: Wildlife on the New Land Expedition
How we chose the cover: Spring 2014 Canadian Geographic Travel
Hiker travels 16,000 km across Canada
Best cover of 2013!
Our Country: Dean Brody
Q&A with Brandon Harvey on photography in the Great Bear Rainforest
Help us choose the March Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Map Monday - Bad Maps
A look at the complexities of reaping the rewards of Arctic resource development
Canadians experience a horse's life at war
Video of the week: Iqaluit blizzard
Tracking wolverines in Alberta
Finding an island in the Great Bear Rainforest
Climate change may reduce seafloor life
Map Monday - Canada as a novel
Man on the run: Making the most of Saskatoon's recreational trails in winter
Video of the Week: Great Bear Rainforest expedition cruise
Ocean Wise works to save commercial fishing and ocean species with sustainable seafood
Deep freeze kills emerald ash borer
Museum of Nature showcases fish x-rays exhibit
Map Monday: How frost quakes became a citizen cartography darling
Tracking the Arctic’s tiniest creatures reveals surprising insights into Canada’s polar region
New rules for light bulbs
Video of the week: polar bear cub's first steps
Mapping areas of the brain
Q&A with Arno Kopecky
The Classroom Energy Diet Challenge is back!
Map Monday: What makes a continent?
Baby it's cold outside: Staying warm while standing still, football in January edition
Video of the Week: How Starfish Eat
Escape the cold at Museum of History's snow exhibition
Historical events from New Year's Day
10 popular blogs of 2013: Squeezing into caves pays off with fossil find

December 2013
10 popular blogs of 2013: Researcher revolutionizing apple agriculture
10 popular blogs of 2013: Changes to liquid restrictions on flights
10 popular blogs of 2013: Wind-turbine owners paid to not generate electricity
10 popular blogs of 2013: Action plan for geographic education
Video of the week: ice storm
10 popular blogs of 2013: Ross Racine’s suburbia
10 popular blogs of 2013: Does climate change explain Calgary's flood?
10 popular blogs of 2013: Why we love Chris Hadfield
10 popular blogs of 2013: Mapping Stompin’ Tom’s songs
10 popular blogs of 2013: Arctic Maps
Video of the week: stargazing
Heated sidewalks heading to Saskatoon
Taking photos may decrease memories of things
Canada's new standard for measuring height
Geography Gifts 101
Biochemicals may cause human-like reaction in plants
Understanding change in Canada’s boreal forest — including its farthest northern reaches — is critical to appreciating habitat change around the globe
Expedition on Baffin Island explores historic traditions
Video of the week: goats caught in avalanche
The facts on Canada's cold weather
Montreal among top bike sharing cities
Brain uses geotags to reference memories
Burley exhibition captures film photography's demise
Wonder pets: The country's cutest kittens (and puppies) in all their adorable glory
Dry ice: A guide's guide to keeping warm on Arctic seas
Video of the Week: Man survives three days underwater on sunken boat
New quarters celebrate Canada’s North
How we chose the cover: January/February 2014
How we chose the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year winners
Bacteria exposes gold in Canadian mines
From Fashion to Function: Fall Edition
Squeezing into caves pays off with fossil find

November 2013
Tracking the Greenland shark’s Arctic movements
Video of the Week: Spinning ice disc forms in North Dakota river
Help us choose the January/February Canadian Geographic cover!
Heat map shows Calgary residents how to save energy
Scientists reproduce pheromone to count — and fight — mountain pine beetles
In like a lamb, and out like a lion: editor's picks for making the most out of fall
Google Street View comes to Canadian parks and historic sites
Video of the Week: Rehabilitated seal pups released with satellite tags
New book tells the story of the life of — and search for — the HMS Investigator
First North American woman to row solo across Atlantic adjusts to life on land
Giant floor maps on display in celebration of Geography Awareness Week
How studying Arctic marine seabirds helps document pollution trends in the North and beyond
Video of the Week: Time-lapse of northern lights over the Rockies
New map illustrates historical global forest change
Robert Bateman among those honoured at Annual Fellows Dinner
Visiting the reclaimed space of Victoria's Butchart Gardens
CG's Hiking Gear Top 10: Every where is walking distance, if you have the time
Video of the Week: BC wolves fish for salmon
Is Arctic tourism sustainable?
Nova Scotia genetics researcher revolutionizing apple agriculture
5 wintery ways to help out Canadian science
Finding a balance between development and traditional food sharing in the North
Video of the Week: Twin pandas cubs first 100 days

October 2013
10 things you didn't know about Halloween in Canada
How we chose the cover: December 2013
Gene may make some people more attuned to danger
Hallowe'ens Top Gear: The zombie apocalypse and what you'll need to survive it
Returned Inuit artifacts on exhibit in Nunavut
Breathing new life into old ghost stories: The Spectral Engine by Ray Fawkes
Hit the road: 2013's best travel accessories for the kinda/sorta girlie girl
Video of the Week: 42 amazing maps
Canadian wins Best Job in the World
Review: Canadian filmmaker Edward Burtynsky's Watermark
Help us choose the December Canadian Geographic cover!
High Arctic glacier researcher works to help predict the impacts of climate change
Behind the changes to Canadian Geographic
Video of the Week: Drones map the iconic Matterhorn
New technology means changes to liquids restrictions on flights
Q&A: Ken McGoogan on 50 Canadians Who Changed the World
Scientists discover jet lag gene in mice
A girl traveler's best friend: Jewelry for those with a terminal case of wanderlust
The importance of urban tree canopy
Video of the Week: Motorcyclists chased by elk
Map: The women who've won the Nobel Prize for Literature
How we chose the cover: Canadian Geographic Pets Photography 2014
The left side is the right side, the right side is suicide: Keeping dry in a Jamaican deluge with Lowepro's DryZone 40
Photographing BC's Bugaboo Mountains
How we chose the cover: Winter Travel
Into Canada's wilderness with Globalstar's SPOT Global Phone
How muskrats are an example of co-operation between Aboriginal Peoples and government in Canada’s North
Q&A: Teen battery-free flashlight inventor
Help us choose the covers of Pets Photography 2014
Video of the Week: Sumatran tiger gives birth to cub
Vancouver Island University wins architecture award for green roof
Explainer: How Canada's Species at Risk Act works
The geography of the NHL realignment

September 2013
Help us choose the November Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Are you packing?: The Chrysalis Cardi helps traveling women pack less and carry more
Video of the Week: RCMP camera captures fireball streaking over Alberta
Canadian Museum of Nature welcomes colourful frogs
Q&A: Author J.B. MacKinnon on "rewilding" Canada
Fig travel dresses: All dressed up with someplace to see
Colourful jellies captivate photographers at the Vancouver Aquarium
The wind tunnels that are improving safety and winning Olympic medals
Antarctic research could help NASA limit risks to astronaut health
Video of the Week: Camera strapped to flying eagle's back
Canadian robotics firm helps right the Costa Concordia
Heli-hiking in B.C.'s Bugaboos
The 6 worst high-profile geography gaffes
BC starfish dying off in huge numbers
Humpback whales returning to BC coast
Video of the Week: What happens when lightning touches down
Ontario to pay wind-turbine owners to not generate electricity
Bison to return to Banff National Park
Q&A: Canada's top caver on mapping Mount Tupper system
Family with toddlers concludes cross-Canada canoe trip
Canada's North may hold clues to water (and life!) on Mars
Video of the Week: 10 years of global weather
Is climate change threatening B.C.’s sockeye salmon?
Threatened Ontario plant more unique than previously thought
How we chose the cover: October 2013

August 2013
Video of the Week: Huge pod of orcas swims past B.C. island
Handmade kayak team faces sweat, tears and mosquitoes in Nunavut
Your Pets in Focus photo contest winners
Canadian students win NASA space settlement competition
Video of the Week: Rare night-sky phenomena caught on camera
Search for Franklin Expedition wrecks continues
Help us choose the October Canadian Geographic cover!
A different sort of history: Painting Alberta's First Nations
Ultra-marathoner runs across Gobi Desert
Video of the Week: Water bomber puts out truck fire
Geographers create action plan for geographic education in Canada
Q&A: Nature photographer Mark Moffett on the hidden lives of ants
Top live wildlife webcams
Perseid meteor shower lights up the sky
Video of the Week: The life of a wheat field
Breaking wind (while also repelling rain): The Westcomb Crest Hoodie
Snake expert weighs in on dangers of keeping pythons
How we chose the cover: Canadian Geographic Best Wildlife Photography 2014
Toronto Zoo plays panda mating game
Stained glass windows generate electricity at Saskatchewan cathedral
Operation Husky: Reflections on a forgotten story
Operation Husky: The Agira Canadian War Cemetery
Video of the Week: One year on Mars for Curiosity rover
Q&A: Alex Trebek, National Geographic World Championship host
Again River Expedition: 50 years later, river memories run deep
Help us choose the Best Wildlife Photography 2014 cover!

July 2013
Team Canada wins silver at National Geographic World Championship
Operation Husky: Small-world connections in Sicily
Team Canada finds culture in St. Petersburg
How we chose the cover: Fall Travel
Operation Husky: Joining the march
Operation Husky: Canada's forgotten Second World War history
Video of the Week: Bucharest NOT Budapest
Exploring a 200-year-old shipwreck in Lake Ontario
Bees' ability to fight fungal infections compromised
A taste tour of PEI
Boreal wildfires heating up in Yukon Flats
Back to the pack: How Deuter converted me back to #teambackpack
Energy IQ: Transporting Canada's natural gas
Help us choose the September Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Creative Cartography: Ed Fairburn's map portraits
The science behind staying cool during a heat wave
Energy IQ: Shipping gas to Nunavut
Citizen scientists document species in bioblitz
Canadian Geographic’s best of summer 2013 gear list
Canadian Geographic's photo contest rundown
Energy IQ: Length of Canada's powerlines
Energy IQ: Transporting oil by rail
Creative cartography: Ross Racine's suburbia
Energy IQ: Coal on Canadian rail
Author Chris Turner on science in Canada and his upcoming book
World traveller Michael Palin receives RCGS Gold
Energy IQ: Total length of Canada's pipelines
Energy IQ: Canada's crude oil ranking
Creative Cartography: Matt Cusick's map collages
11 outdoor apps for Android smartphones
Energy IQ: Top crude oil reserves
Tree rings reveal stories of the past
Energy IQ: Breaking down Canada's energy production

June 2013
Energy IQ: Canada's energy ranking
Creative cartography: Nikki Rosato's map sculptures
Beneath an angry prairie sky: Tornado alley camping in Mountain Hardwear's Lightwedge 3 DP tent
Forest at centre of mining debate irreplaceable: study
Energy IQ: Canada's renewable energy
Honouring Operation Husky
New Land Expedition: Summing up the adventure
Energy IQ: Top hydroelectricity-producing countries
How climate change fits into Calgary's record flood
Energy IQ: Top uranium-producing countries
Energy IQ: Top natural gas producing countries
Energy IQ: Canada's electricity sources
Energy IQ: US energy imports
Creative cartography: David Thomas Smith's Anthropocene
Energy IQ: Average Canadians' electricity use
Energy IQ: Canada's coal exports
A jack(et) of all trades: Taking Westcomb's Cayoosh out on the Wales Coast Path
The last day in Cape Breton
Energy IQ: Energy used for heating in Canada
The Editor's Picks: Summer's Best Upcycled Products
Interactive map of Quebec City will take public through history
Parkbus continues expansion
Energy IQ: Average Canadians' energy use
New Land Expedition: Off the ice
Energy IQ: Breaking down Canada's energy exports
Class trip winners meet famous inventor's great-grandson
Energy IQ: Provincial energy use
Day one in Cape Breton for Canada's Coolest School Trip
Energy IQ: Breaking down Canada's energy production
How we chose the cover: July/August 2013
New Land Expedition: The beards of great explorers
#girlstravel: Cactus Creek’s SubRosa scarf makes life a little easier for women travelers. Well, OK, a lot.

May 2013
Canada's biodiversity hotspots
Tornado rips past storm chaser during CG Twitter interview
Alberta scientists revive centuries-old moss
Help us choose the July/August Canadian Geographic cover!
New Land Expedition: Over timeless lands
Kinder Morgan submits plan to expand Trans Mountain pipeline
Watch the sky for the Dance of the Planets
Picnic trivia: How much do you know about the contents of your picnic?
New Land Expedition: All about ice
Tips for photographing flowers
Eat more insects with these recipes
In the bag: The newly released Lowepro Sport Pro 30L AW
Quiz: Identify Canadian cities in astronaut Chris Hadfield's photos
Backgrounder: the Arctic Council
Scientists warn of Arctic Ocean acidification
Where is the solar max?
What's the price of peace of mind? A look at a pair of Pickpocket Proof Pants
Ten reasons why we love Chris Hadfield
Study: Male black widow spiders eat their mates too
How we chose the cover: June 2013
Five things we learned from StatsCan's National Household Survey
New Land Expedition: Halfway point
Snowshoe hares lose camouflage as climate warms
Canadian astronauts' hidden talents
Discretion is advised: Lowepro messenger 250

April 2013
New Land Expedition: Magic polar travel with dogs
Help us choose the June Canadian Geographic cover!
"Vanishing Point" documentary introduces audience to diverse northern cultures
New Land Expedition: Fun facts
Q&A: Wildlife Photographer Mike Beedell
Photo gallery: Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
New Land Expedition: Waiting for the resupply plane
How we chose the cover: Summer 2013 Travel
Canadian Museum of Nature festival brings the Arctic to the south
VIDEO: Here's what happens when you cry in space
Google Maps brings Street View to Canada's Parliament
Hiking on the Rocks: Mountain Equipment Co-op's Cragosaurus backpack
Alberta woman befriends great grey owl
How we chose the cover: Wicked Weather special edition

March 2013
Manitoba class receives hundreds of postcards from across Canada
Help us choose the May Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
New Land Expedition: Welcoming the dogs
Speaker Series: Storm chaser George Kourounis
Introducing the 2013 RCGS expeditions
Help us choose the Wicked Weather Photos 2013 cover!
Your Pets photo contest
Aglukkaq welcomes Google Street View
VIDEO: CG cartographer Chris Brackley shares his passion for maps
Introducing Canadian Geographic's new senior editor
VIDEO: How to become a cartographer
The Wildlife Photographer's Toolkit: Nikon's 70-200 mm f/4 lens
Proposed changes to Ontario's Endangered Species Act raise concerns
VIDEO: Famous Canada lynx spotted again
VIDEO: Maps of Canadian Geographic
VIDEO: The makings of a Canadian Geographic map
Stompin' Tom Connors's songs mapped
VIDEO: Interview with CG cartographer Chris Brackley
Help us choose the April Canadian Geographic cover!
This Manitoba class wants your postcards

February 2013
What happened to the flying car?
Parks Canada worker captures rare Canada lynx video
See a need, fill a need: A Canadian tech start-up tackles a backcountry battery problem
10 fascinating historic maps of the Arctic
Q&A: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield
Canada's most romantic place names
Humans of Sackville photography project unites community
Farewell to the Canadian penny
Winter wonderland in Ottawa

January 2013
Open letter to Canada's Arctic chair from climate change group
Halifax group gives heritage home new life
Whatever the weather photo contest
How much do you know about Canadian geography?
Geography education in Quebec: not all bad news
A timelapse video of the northern lights
Auroras from space
Killer whales trapped in ice in northern Quebec
Dispatches from Antarctica: South Shetland Islands

December 2012
Breakfast on the Hill
Book Review — Everest: High Expectations
Dispatches from Antarctica: South Georgia
Geo news of the week: endangered species, Saskitoba and a railroad to the Arctic
How dark is the night?
Underwater emperor penguin shot wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest
Dispatches from Antarctica: the Falkland Islands

November 2012
Google Street View shows off Arctic Canada
Voices from the Yukon's Peel watershed land-use debate
The view from above
Win a class trip to the Fortress of Louisbourg
Announcing the 2012 Wildlife Photography of the Year winners
You Are Here - CG 180

October 2012
World views: Think global, shoot local
River guide
Boreal guardians, Part II
Of movie stars and monarchs

September 2012
Boreal guardians: Embedded with a Canadian forest fire team in northern Ontario
How to survive a waterfall
Sailing through the Northwest Passage

August 2012
Circling the Midnight Sun: Reindeer calling on the Kola Peninsula
Ready for a wilderness adventure? Take the quiz!
A historic passage
The end of the world
Storytelling and sense of place
How do Canadians define beauty?
Glamorous camping in the Yukon wilderness
The loneliness of wilderness
Students on Ice: Not quite stuck in Iqaluit
A day in the life of a student on ice

July 2012
North-bound from Eternity
What does silence sound like?
Klondicitis: Still potent after more than a century
Mt Saskatchewan 2012 Part IV: No peak left behind
Digging into the past
Learning the land
Are silence and solitude valuable?
The truth about trailblazing
Mt Saskatchewan 2012 Part III: Turning back
Dog house blues
Mt. Saskatchewan 2012 Part II: Weather rules
Fossils: Lost and found...and lost again
Yukon summer adventure: Notes from Fort Selkirk
Grisly weather in grizzly territory
Fowl play on the Yukon River
Passage Through Ice: Approaching the Arctic
Canada's latest UNESCO World Heritage Site
The truth about adventure

June 2012
Yukon summer adventure: The fine art of atlatl throwing
Yukon summer adventure: Hitting the trail
Mt. Sasktachewan 2012 Part I: Stuck in a blizzard
Coppermine 2012: Expecting the best; preparing for the worst: Wilderness cooking
A passage through Ice: Setting sail
Trans-Nunavik expedition: Packing up
Fear of adventure
Coppermine 2012: Expecting the best; preparing for the worst: Shipshape
Coppermine 2012: Expecting the best; preparing for the worst: Boys in the woodz
Coppermine 2012: Expecting the best; preparing for the worst: A chef's guide
Climbing Mt. Logan
Yukon summer adventure: How much exercise is enough?
Coppermine 2012: Expecting the best; preparing for the worst: Spray decks
Coppermine 2012: Expecting the best; preparing for the worst: The bugs
Coppermine 2012: The route
Crossing Nunavik

May 2012
Yukon summer adventure
Coppermine 2012: The decision
Santa, Inc.

April 2012
Food insecurity and facebook
On board the CCGS Amundsen
Earth Day

March 2012
Daniel's Arctic Circle Kitchen leads to a Manifesto on Food Sovereignty
Spring cleaning for the Great Lakes
Bringing back the peatlands
How kids can save energy
Fakes, frauds and fossils
Mining matters
Science communication collapse

February 2012
Wacky Circle Crossing leads to a Chat with the Next Famous Norwegian Environmentalist
When research is funny
At a science conference, room for indigenous perspecitves
No man's water
The Middle Seat Manifesto
Perched on the Edge
Canada's biodiversity woes
Extreme painting

January 2012
Help us choose the March Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Recycling Agricultural Plastics: Where we’re at in Canada
Arctic family affair
No mountain high enough
At home in the Arctic

December 2011
The lesson of Madurai
Prairie dogs on camera
Revisiting The Atlantic Neptune

November 2011
Help us choose the January/February Canadian Geographic cover!
From maps to virtual reality
Propaganda pieces
Remembrance Day, Ottawa 2011
Looking for the future? Take the next left

October 2011
Help us choose the December Canadian Geographic cover!
When map making was death defying
Caribou conservation is complex
Mountain memories
Oil speak: Then and now
Fun stats

September 2011
Help us choose the November Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Ancient forests in B.C.
Best Wildlife Pictures 2012
The Energy Diet Challenge is on!

August 2011
Help us choose the Best Wildlife Pictures 2012 cover

July 2011
Help us choose the September Canadian Geographic Travel cover!
Greening the cleaning routine
Surround sound

June 2011
Drop by Drop
Laurels for CG
The Energy Diet Challenge
Know your watershed
Help us choose the July/August Canadian Geographic cover!

May 2011
Building a Birch-Bark Canoe (Part 3)
CG Presents Two New Photo Contests!
Whalesong Travels Globe like Latest U2 Tune
Northern Roots, Urban Playground
Plastic Cash is No Funny Money
Running Tour Jogs Through 350 Years of History in Old Montréal
Building a Birch-Bark Canoe (Part 2)
Once Used to Map Conflicts, Software Charts Destructive Canadian Floods

April 2011
Building a Birch-Bark Canoe (Part 1)
Help us choose the June Canadian Geographic cover!
Artificial Leaf Touts Promise of Energy Independence
Colourful Clans Mark National Tartan Day on Parliament Hill
Why so Sugary, Why so Sweet? - Unlocking the Secret of Sweet Tastes
Organic Maple Syrup Could Bring on Buyers Remorse
Rapid Glacier Melt Linked to Ocean Waters

March 2011
Canadians Among Worst Water Wasters
Global War for Wildlife Spills Over into Canada
Longer Ragweed Season in the Works
Canada's Worst Natural Disasters of All Time
Secrets of Spider Silk Untangled
New on Discovery World HD - Canada's National Parks
How Fast are we Pushing Animals from the Planet?
Reverse Colonialism - How the Inuit Conquered the Vikings
Haida Tradition Lost for 150 Years Recaptured by Artist

February 2011
Considering the Costs of Canada's Diamonds
Can Canada Help Save the Amazon?
What 's the Point of Black History Month in Canada?
Living Small Gets Big
Shark Attacks on the Rise Worldwide
From Breadbasket to Barren Land - Could Global Food Shortages Affect Canada?
Return of the Prairie Bandit - The Nature of Things Profiles the Black-footed Ferret
First the Buffalo, then the Bluefin Tuna: The Mismanagement of our Natural Resources

January 2011
A Sword from Bhutan - The Adventures of Sir Francis Younghusband
Powerful Earthquakes in Canada
River Runners - Training Canada's Olympic Kayakers in Downtown Ottawa
The History Behind Canada's National Parks
Living on the Borderline - Canda Meets the U.S. in Towns on the Border
Mummified Forest Shows Effect of Changing Climate
Is this the Fall of the Legion Hall? - A New Exhibit Profiles These Changing Communities
Building Canada with a TV - Exploring the Heritage Minutes (Part 2)
Building Canada with a TV - Exploring the Heritage Minutes (Part 1)

December 2010
The Mighty Ti-Jean
Degrees of Change: Climate Warming and the Stakes for Canada
Q&A with author Allan Casey about his Governor General’s Literary Award winning book Lakeland
All the Queen's Horses - Trotting with the RCMP's Musical Ride
Holiday Memories - A Canadian Classic: The Sweater
The First Frost Flower

November 2010
Attawapiskat Outrage - What Does the Future Hold for First Nations Education in Canada?
The Tiger - An Interview with Author John Vaillant
Letters About our Climate Future

October 2010
What is a Weather Bomb?
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 9 (Last Day)
Forestry Faces Deep Cuts and Other Numbers on our Nation
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 8
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 7
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 6
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 5
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 4
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 3
Crossing the Northwest Passage - Day 2
An Interview with Susan Casey, Author of The Wave
The Polar Explorer
Crossing the Northwest Passage
October 2010 issue: Climate Prosperity
Burning Water

September 2010
Come see us at Word on the Street in Toronto this weekend!
The Shepherds of Amherst Island
Force of Nature - David Suzuki's New Documentary
Canadian Wildlife Return to the Wild
Insect-inspired technology

August 2010
Goodbye Whitehorse!
Canadian Compass Contributor Featured on Daily Planet
One More Day
Welcome to Atlin!
Yukon Permafrost Research Set-up Success!
Canada's Cannabis Car Driving Interest
What is Biodiversity?
The Glorious Yukon
What Does the North Pole Smell Like?
Top Four Musical Odes to the Earth
Five Questions for Alex Trebek
What's it Like to be a Climate Scientist?
The Kinsol Trestle: A Historic Bridge Remade
Only YOU can Prevent Forest Fires
They don't call it field WORK for nothing!
Greetings from the Yukon!
Fastest Falcon Returns to Ontario
Leaving On A Jet Plane - For the Yukon
As Happy as a... Pig?

July 2010
The Quiet Valley Nobody Knows
Packaging Made of Mushrooms Stamps out Styrofoam
Crazy creature of the day: FROGFISH!
Recycled constructions
Profit and Ambition
A Short Tale About Plastic
Canadian Geographic Scoops up National Magazine Awards
Digital e-waste documentary up for Emmy
Extreme Make-over for Ottawa's Nature Museum
Hot Hot Heat
48° 59’ 58.9” or Bust!

June 2010
Not Much Space in Mars Simulation Craft
A Little Green in the Heart of Toronto
What is water?
Earth's Environment Changing Rapidly, Concludes Oslo Science Conference
Endangered Ferrets Weather Winter
Arctic Tundra to Shrink by 51 Percent
The Great Thaw and the Media's Role in Stopping the Melt
Melting Antarctic Sea Ice Set to Raise Global Sea Levels by Six Metres
Threat of Melting Ice Highlighted on First Day of Polar Conference
Kicking Off Garage Sale Season
Off to the Grocery Cart Races?
Important Polar Research to be Revealed in Oslo
Notorious Toronto Bike Thief Gets Novel Treatment
Local Bounty

May 2010
Canadian Geographic's Biodiversity Issue - June 2010
Putting Together the Pieces of a Blue Whale
Expanding our Biodiversity Knowledge
The Lorax is Greener than Green Eggs and Ham
What Difference Could 4 Degrees Make?
Our Ancestral Carbon Footprint
Census of Marine Life Reveals Rare Creatures

April 2010
Industrial Chemicals in my Shampoo?
Photo Essays for the Earth
Hiding in Plain Sight
We Still Don't Know Much About Bats
The Top 40 Nature Photographs for Earth Day
Why are You that Size?
Tweaking Animal Colour Patterns
Internet Comes to the Wilderness
The Summer Issue of Canadian Geographic Travel
You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine
Contact Photography Festival
Waterlife - A Look at the Great Lakes
Holy Cow that’s A Lot of Livestock!
What Next? Self-replicating Robots and Robotic Mind Control?
Cellphone Towers Mess with our Heads
Something Old, Something Green
Origins of Ancient Snakes Revealed
Vacation a la Swiss Family Robinson
An Earth Shaking Industry?
Aboriginal Culture in B.C.
Will There be a New UNESCO Site in Manitoba? - A Feature Interview with Conservationist Don Sullivan
Nobody Here but us Chickens
The Story of Bottled Water

March 2010
Sea Dragon Courtship Dance
Gone, Not Forgotten, then...Rediscovered?
Into The Unknown: particle collider crosses boundary
Earth Hour 2010
The Global Disaster Network
Vanity Fair's Alex Shoumatoff Discusses the Environment - Part 2
Life, In All Its Glory
Do Mega-regions own the Future?
Choose the Next Cover of Canadian Geographic Travel!
Thanks to the Atom Bomb, Wine Fraudsters Can't Fake Vintages
Is Canada the Biggest Climate Denier?
Maple Syrup - What's in it for You?
Editor's Notebook: Passages in time - April 2010
The Problem with Polar Bears
Jellyfish Discovers Fountain of Youth
Vanity Fair's Alex Shoumatoff Discusses the Environment - Part 1
Move to Protect Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Defeated
Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
There May not be Plenty of Fish in the Sea
Urban Growth Puts Forests Under Pressure
Photojournalism at its Best
All-Black Penguin Defies Convention
Far Below Antarctic Ice, NASA Catches a Shrimp
Life in the Okavango Delta
Welcome to Antopolis
Evolution of the Eye
Fancy a 270-Hour Dip in the Pond?
This is Canoeing
Coywolves not so coy
Creepy crawlies: Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of insects and spiders
Canada's Climate Science gets the Ax
A Hot Place to Learn about Climate Change
Tobacco can help humans?
What's Next for the Business of Green Technology?
Great Apes
The Grizzly Hunt
Giraffe Botch-up
Portraits of America's Endangered Species
Coming to a Highrise Near You
Could Artificial Photo Synthesis Power our Future?
Pythons are on the Menu
Art for the 21st Century
Thunder Bay is Singing
Skepticism and the Age of Global Warming
Al Gore Lashes Back at Climate Deniers
Desertification: Coming to a Landscape Near You!

February 2010
The Future of Food
Cities Prepare for Life With the Electric Car
Webcam Catches B.C.'s Elusive Spirit Bear Hibernating
CG Photographer Paul Nicklen Wins World Press Photo Award
New Teleportation Technique Helps Physicists Understand the Universe
3-Legged Bear Walks Upright
I'm a Lumberjack and I'm O.K.
Buildings that go Green are Good for Business
Arctic Sea Ice Melting Fast
Wolverine V.S. Climate Change
Manitoba Ecosystem Almost Gone Forever
Worlds Greenest Homes
Fish Virus Found in Great Lakes
It's Not a Bird, It's Not a Plane, It' s a ... Satellite?

January 2010
Art Accidents
Could new Stoves for Developing Countries Slow Climate Change?
Thirty-Metre Telescope
Wild Horses Soon to be Protected
Are Dolphins People Too?
Salty Roads Kill Frogs.
Student Photography for UNICEF
The History and Politics of Climate Change.
How Many People Have Lived on Earth?
In Need of a Slightly Used Space Shuttle? Well, We've got a Deal For You!
Snow Daze
What Does Censorship Look Like?
World Destruction Moved Back a Minute
So That's Where Those Tiny Hamburgers Come From...
Experimental Eskimos
Winter Wildlife Photos at The Globe
Evolution and the Engineer
Broken Bees
The Story of Stuff
CG Photo Contest Winners on City TV
Clams Work as Toxin Detectives
The Seed
Twitter's World Domination Continues.
Polar Bear Plight
Jan/Feb 2010 Issue of CG Launches
Talk About Working in the Arctic
New Model for Dark Matter
A Rising Tide of Evidence
David Trattles' Boxing Ladies

December 2009
Get Ready for IPY
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Crisis in Copenhagen, says Naomi Klein
Helping Guatemala in Copenhagen
Celebrating 80 Years!
Is Your Mayor in Copenhagen?
Our Nation by the Numbers
Canada's PR nightmare in Copenhagen
Love Letters to the Future from Copenhagen
The Last Penguin
Dear Canadian Geographic Readers
The Black Footed Ferret's Return
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!
In Copenhagen, One Skier Wants to Save Our Snow
Back Room Talks Give Hope for Agreement in Copenhagen
Happy First Week of the Copenhagen Climate Talks! ...Now What is it All About Again?
Copenhagen U.N. Climate Talks Start Today
Veggies Grow Up
Blue Whales Change their Tune
100 Days in Glacier National Park
Have Turtle, Won't Travel
DRC Dandies

November 2009
Are We Where We Ought to Be?
Meteoric Symphony
Marine Life Lend a Hand to Scientists
Discovery of Ancient Crocodiles
The World Didn't End!
Is Poutine our National Food?
Vote for the Best Cover of 2009!
150th Anniversary of an Evolutionary Idea
Last Chance to See
December 2009 Issue of Canadian Geographic
Photographer Sheds Light on Oil
Woe is the Ozone?
Science Fiction Becomes Reality
Industrial Eyesores Turn into Public Space
Polar Obsession - Photographer Paul Nicklen
New York Before New York
Did I do that? Monitoring Earthquakes in Alberta
Drag Racing Electric Cars
Urban Farming in Oakland
First Footage of Giant Stingray
Welcome to the Genome Zoo?
By the Light of the Sun
New Look for Tanzania
Don’t get Caught in this Net
How Fox Hunt in Winter
Wild Olympic Spirit
Growing Cities vs. Global Warming
The Many Faces of Fall

October 2009
Bad to the Bone Biofuels
Help us choose the December Canadian Geographic cover!
Tunneling Underground to Learn About the Sky Above
Owl Bathtime
Stoke your Olympic spirit
Humpback Hump
Aboriginal Artist Creates Art from Everyday Objects
Dancing around Saturn's rings
CO2 Levels Similar to 15-million Years Ago
The Big Melt
Replication Station
Well, well, geothermal well
At a Table Under the Sea
Dreaming of a Green Christmas
What's Lies Beneath Antarctica?

September 2009
Black Holes Are Big Bullies
Next Astronaut who Goes to Moon could need a Bathing Suit
Gardens Don't Lower Crime Rates
Long Live the Electric Car
Oaks - 1 Dandelions - 0
Savage World
Predators Prosper from Arctic Oil Drilling
Route 430 revisited
Fishocalypse Now
Great Balls of Fire
Wild for Wade Davis
Cook with Canada's Best

August 2009
Happy International Year of Astronomy
New frontier in international affairs
The great debate: History vs. Geography

July 2009
Arctic bound
Wonder boys!
25th Annual Photo Contest now open!
Health of Aboriginal People Linked to Cultural Damage
Summer grilling
Summer reading
Ancient Caribou Hunters were Smart

June 2009
On the Hunt: a new way of tracking polar bears could help determine just how threatened the animal is
Arctic Travel Nuts & Bolts
Ever Wonder Where Your Trash Ends Up? The answer isn’t always in a landfill.
We Can Now ‘See’ Memories
Cougar Cam: Ministry of Natural Resources hides dozens of cameras in Ontario to catch a snapshot of an animal that officially doesn’t exist
The Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year Exhibition and Contest is now open!
Turtle Crossing: breeding turtles may need your help crossing the street
“Practical” Space Elevator Proposed by York U Scientists
Coming soon to a magazine near you
Check out Canadian Geographic Photo Club
All the news that’s fit to link

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